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Room & Space Scheduling

The Production Center uses a scheduling application called Skedda to manage room and space reservations. 

Room & Space Policies
  • Not all rooms/spaces are self-serve reservations. Some spaces (like Studio A & B) require a completed form to request a space. Find out more details about each space's requirements by selecting the space in Skedda.
  • Reservations may be made up to three weeks in advance.
  • No more than eight hours may be booked by a single user in a single day.
  • The Production Center reserves the right to cancel reservations made by anyone not permitted to use the rooms. Bookings that artificially inflate the amount of time in the room will be deleted.
  • CHECK-IN POLICY: Reservations require the booking holder to confirm their attendance within 15 minutes of the reserved time by responding to an automated email. A reservation may be canceled by staff if the room is not occupied within 15 minutes of the reserved time.
  • Food and drink (including water) are allowed ONLY in the kitchen and lobby. Users found with food or drink in other areas may lose access to the Production Center.
  • For a detailed list of the Production Center's policies, view the Studio Manual.
  • Failure to comply with established policies may result in the suspension of studio privileges.

More Information

Call 562-944-0351 x3618 or email to make a special booking request or ask for more information. We are happy to help.

Skedda Access

You can access our scheduler at or on a mobile app through the App Store (ios) and the Play Store (Android) app.

Mobile Login Instructions:
  1. When the app opens, select "Log in".
  2. At the bottom of the login page, select "Log in with Single Sign On".
  3. Enter "biola", then select "Log in with SSO".
  4. A login page will open and allow you to enter your Biola email address and password.

You can also use the interface provided below to book a variety of spaces at the Production Center, Rood 55 (screening room), and Rood 56 (computer lab).

Collaborative Editing is a cloud-based collaborative editing platform that enables teams to stay connected on media projects. is designed so that a team can upload a variety of media like proxy videos of a project so that the team can collaborate within the app. If changes need to be made, integrates with editing suites like Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, and Avid Media Composer. For a complete list of integrations visit

Request a Account

Fill out the Account Request form to request an account for your team project.

This commercial was shot by alumna Alissa Rooney, Class of 2019.

Blu-Ray Disk Printing

The Production Center offers Blu-Ray disc burning and printing. We charge $1 per burn and $0.25 per print. Please contact to place your order.


Music & SFX Library

The Production Center pays a royalty fee for the use of a library of around 10,000 sound effects (SFX). You can use the SFX in any production at no charge to you.

Sound Ideas SFX Files

We currently offer Sound Ideas and Lucasfilm SFX that are searchable using the Sound Ideas search engine available on the Sound Ideas Web site ( They also have a downloadable version of their search engine for you to download to your computer.

Access Sound Ideas Library through this link:

This library is currently available to all CMA students. If you are not a CMA student and need access, you can request access by contacting a Production Center staff member.

Big Fish Loops Files

Access the Big Fish Loops Library through this link:

This library is currently available to all CMA students. If you are not a CMA student and need access, you can request access by contacting a Production Center staff member.

ProSound Effects

ProSound Effects offers award-winning sound from more than 18,000 music tracks and over 800,000 effects created by Academy Award-winners and elite sound artists.

You can access this sound library by following these instructions on How to Access ProSound Effects.

Warner Chappell Production Music

The Production Center also pays an annual royalty fee for the use of an extensive library of music. You can also use this music in any academic production for which you do not receive compensation at no additional charge to you.

This music library can be accessed by following these instructions on How to Access Warner Chappell Production Music.

The Warner Chappell Music License includes:

  • Exports: Student projects for which there is no compensation received
  • Streaming: Covers use for streaming student projects online. Please note that your stream will need to be whitelisted by Warner Chappell in order to not be flagged.
  • Festivals: For an additional fee, a student can obtain a festival license from Warner Chappell. Please contact Production Center Manager for details.

Script Library

The school of Cinema & Media Arts’ faculty and staff have compiled and is actively updating a library of screenplays from feature films and television shows that are prominent in our society. You can access these scripts by following these instructions on How to Access the Script Library.

Computer Resources

Production Center Computer Use

Computers bring an incredible set of tools to student productions. It is also possible to destroy hours of work in almost an instant. The following are very important guidelines that will contribute to successful computing projects.

Network Resources

Computing Suggestions

Help & FAQ

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