Equipment Room, Spring 2021


  • Monday 1pm-9pm
  • Tuesday 1pm-9pm
  • Wednesday 1pm-9pm
  • Thursday 1pm-9pm
  • Friday 1pm-9pm

Please note that hours are subject to change. The above hours are time periods during which you can place a reservation for checkout or return. All orders are by appointment only. When you make a reservation in WebCheckout, you will be able to request a time and date and will receive a confirmation of your requested time, or an alternate time, by email. Please see the calendar below for availability.

WebCheckout Calendar

Please use this calendar to help schedule your pickup or return time in WebCheckout. This calendar will show you the duration of entire checkouts. Pay special attention to the beginning and end times of checkouts to find an open slot for your next visit. There must be a 45-minute gap between when the last pickup/return is scheduled and when you can choose your desired time.

Production Center Payment Portal

Access Payment Portal Please use this Payment Portal as a convenient means of payment should you receive a fee or fine.