Movies/Media List

Below is a list of movies and media available in the Equipment Room. Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer an online reservation or checkout system, so please contact the Equipment Room for availability.

BarcodeTitleDirectorYear ReleasedGenreType
9989Manslaughter & "The Cheat" 11922ThrillerDVD
8462Oh, God!Carl Reiner1977ComedyDVD
10264[Scrubs] season 2Michael Spiller2002ComedyDVD
10410007: Diamonds are ForeverGuy Hamilton1971ActionDVD
10797007: GoldeneyeMartin Campbell1995ActionDVD
10715007: GoldfingerGuy Hamilton1964ActionDVD
10430007: GoldfingerGuy Hamilton1964ActionDVD
10437007: The Living DaylightsJohn Glen1987ActionDVD
10435007: The Man With the Golden GGuy Hamilton1974ActionDVD
842312 and HoldingMichael Cuesta2005DramaDVD
1014812 Angry MenSidney Lumet 1957DramaDVD
1073712 Angry MenSidney Lumet1957CrimeDVD
953112 Monkeys 1995 Terry Gilliam1995MysteryDVD
1037412 Years a SlaveSteve McQueen2013DramaDVD
936013 Conversations About One ThiJill Spercher 2001DramaDVD
848713 Going on 30Gary Winick2004ComedyDVD
8483168 Hour Film Project: The Bes2005DVD
108261776Peter H. Hunt1972WarDVD
103992 Brothers and a Bride: A foreHelmut Schleppi2004ComedyDVD
103062001: A Space OdysseyStanley Kubrick1968AdventureDVD
90012001: A Space Odyssey 1968 Stanley Kubrick 1968AdventureDVD
84862009 Camera Assessment Series2009DocumentaryDVD
106442016: Obama’s AmericaDinesh D’Souza, John Sullivan2012DocumentaryDVD
935521 Grams 2003 Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu 2003CrimeDVD
1074822 WeeksAngel Manuel Soto2008HorrorDVD
1041322 WeeksAngel Manuel Soto2009HorrorDVD
984524 Hour Party People 2002 MichMichael Winterbottom2002ComedyDVD
900028 Days Later 2002Danny Boyle 2002HorrorDVD
1005228 Weeks LaterJuan Carlos Fresnedello HorrorDVD
107963:10 to YumaDelmer Daves1957WesternDVD
834039 Steps, The 1935Alfred Hitchcock 1935MysteryDVD
98263-Iron 2004 Ki-duk-KimKi-Duk Kim2004DramaDVD
93154 Little Girls 1998 Spike Lee1998DocumentaryDVD
9237400 Blows, The 1959 Francois Truffaut 1959CrimeDVD
9549400 Blows, The 1959 Francois Truffaut1959CrimeDVD
999640-year-Old Virgin, The 2005 JJudd Apatow 2005ComedyDVD
1073942: The Jackie Robinson StoryBrian Helgeland2013BiographyDVD
1072942: The Jackie Robinson StoryBrian Helgeland2013BiographyDVD
957075th Annual Academy Awards ShoLouis J. Horvitz, Penelope Spheeris 2003TelevisionDVD
91888 1/2 1963 Federico Fellini1963DramaDVD
1023418 SecondsJohn G. Avildsen1994DramaDVD
10130611-SepJames Hanlon, Gédéon Naudet2002DocumentaryDVD
10156A Beautiful MindRon Howard 2002DramaDVD
8324A Beautiful MindRon Howard2001DramaDVD
8457A Beautiful MindRon Howard2001DVD
8215A Boy and His Dog 1975L.Q. Jones 1975ComedyDVD
10457A Bridge too FarRichard Attenborough1977WarDVD
10458A Bridge too FarRichard Attenborough1977WarDVD
10534A Bugs LifeJohn Lasseter, Andrew Stanton1998AnimationDVD
10736A Christmas SnowTracy J. Trost2010DramaDVD
10744A Christmas StoryBob Clark1983ComedyDVD
10363A Clockwork OrangeStanley Kubrick1971CrimeDVD
10470A Distant ThunderJonathan Flora2005ThrillerDVD
10596A Distant ThunderJonathan Flora2005ThrillerDVD
10638A League of Their OwnPenny Marshall1992Dramatic ComedyDVD
10454A Letter to Three WivesJoseph L. Mankiewicz1949DramaDVD
10471A Man Called PeterHenry Koster1955DramaDVD
10389A Night At the OperaSam Wood1935ComedyDVD
9344A Nous La Liberte 1931 Rene Clair1931ComedyDVD
10591A Perfect WorldClint Eastwood1993CrimeDVD
10799A Personal Journey with MartinMartin Scorsese & Michael Henry Wilson1995DocumentaryDVD
10589A Prairie Home CompanionRobert Altman2006ComedyDVD
10392A River Runs Through ItRobert Redford1992DramaDVD
10398A River Runs Through ItRobert Redford1992DramaDVD
10371A SeperationAsghar Farhadi2011DramaDVD
101343A Sesame Street Christmas CaroVarious2006FamilyDVD
10256A Temp for All SeasonsKathy Ray Putman1994DramaDVD
10215A Very Long EngagementJean-Pierre Jeunet2005DramaDVD
10575A View From The UndersideAl StaggsDocumentaryDVD
10455A Walk in the CloudsAlfonso Arau1995DramaDVD
10444A Walk to RememberAdam Shankman2002DramaDVD
10510A Walk to RememberAdam Shankman2002DramaDVD
8308About a BoyChris Weitz2002RomanceDVD
8237About a Boy 2002Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz 2002ComedyDVD
9617About Schmidt 2002 Alexander Payne2002ComedyDVD
9678Absence of Malice 1981Sydney Pollack 1981DramaDVD
9289Abyss, The 1993 James Cameron1993ActionDVD
9825According to Jim / My Wife & KVarious2002ComedyDVD
10248Ace Ventura Pet DetectiveTom Shadyac1994ComedyDVD
8390Ace Ventura: Pet DetectiveTom Shadyac1994ComedyDVD
10616Act of ValorMouse McCoy, Scott Waugh2012WarDVD
10171Acts of WorshipRosemary Rodriguez2001DramaDVD
9434Adam's Rib 1949 George Cukor 1949ComedyDVD
9328Adaptation 2003 Spike Jonze 2003ComedyDVD
8381Adrenaline CowboysSteven Dieveney2004DocumentaryDVD
9766Affair To Remember, An 1957Leo McCarey 1957DramaDVD
9510Affliction 1998 Paul Schrader1998DramaDVD
10269Africa ScreamsCharles Barton1949ComedyDVD
8201African Queen, The 1951John Huston 1951AdventureDVD
10035After HoursMartin Scorsese1985ThrillerDVD
9350After Life 1998 Hirokazu Koreeda 1998DramaDVD
10227Agata and the StormSilvio Soldini2005ComedyDVD
9256Aguirre: The Wrath of God 1972Werner Herzog 1972AdventureDVD
9970Aileen: Life and Death of a SeNick Bromfield and Joan Churchill2003DocumentaryDVD
10792Air Force OneHarrison Ford1997ActionDVD
9427Akira 2001 Katsuhiro Otomo2001AnimationDVD
10075Al Kasha: A Perfect LifeDocumentaryDVD
9738Alexander Nevsky 1938 Sergei M. Eisenstein, Dmitri Vasilyev 1938ActionDVD
8307Alexandra's ProjectRolf De Heer2003DramaDVD
10002Alfred Hitchcock The Legend Be2007DVD
8482Alfred Hitchcock: 4 Spine TingAlfred Hitchcock2006ThrillerDVD
8442Ali ZaouaNabil Ayouch2000CrimeDVD
9228Ali: Fear Eats the Soul 2003Rainer Werner Fassbinder2003DramaDVD
9817Alias (screener) 2002 VariousVarious2002CrimeDVD
9873Alice Doesn't Live Here AnymorMartin Scorsese1974RomanceDVD
10288Alice in Wonderland Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson & Hamilton Luske1951AnimationDVD
9002Alien 1979Ridley Scott 1979HorrorDVD
9747Alien 3 1992 David Fincher1992ActionDVD
9793Alien Resurrection 1997 Jean-Pierre Jeunet 1997ActionDVD
9003Aliens 1986James Cameron 1986ActionDVD
8433All About EveJoseph Mankiewicz1950DramaDVD
9765All About Eve 1950 Joseph L. Mankiewicz 1950DramaDVD
9981All About My Mother 1999 PedroPedro Almodovar 1999DramaDVD
10190All of MeDVD
8057All Quiet on the Western FrontDelbert Mann1979WarDVD
9685All that Heaven Allows 1955 Douglas Sirk 1955DramaDVD
9902All That Jazz 1979 Bob FosseBob Fosse1979DramaDVD
8242All the King's Men 1949Robert Rossen 1949DramaDVD
8241All the King's Men 2006Steven Zaillian 2006DramaDVD
9677All The President's Men 1976 Alan J. Pakula 1976DramaDVD
10535Almost FamousCameron Crowe2000AdventureDVD
9858Alphaville 1965 Jean-Luc GodarJean-Luc Godard1965ForeignDVD
10721AlwaysSteven Spielberg1989DramaDVD
10694AmadeusMilos Forman 1984DramaDVD
9082AmadeusMilos Forman 1984DramaDVD
10475Amazing GraceMichael Apted2006DramaDVD
10478Amazing GraceMichael Apted2006DramaDVD
8372AmélieJean-Pierre Jeunet2001RomanceDVD
9004Amelie 2001 Jean-Pierre Jeunet2001ComedyDVD
9658Amendments and the Constitutio2004DVD
9506American Friend, The 1977 Wim Wenders 1977CrimeDVD
9007American Graffiti 1973 George Lucas1973ComedyDVD
9008American History X 1998 Tony Kaye 1998CrimeDVD
9347American in Paris, An 1951 Godfrey Reggio 1951MusicalDVD
9714American Me 2002 Edward James Olmos 2002CrimeDVD
9962American Movie 1999Chris Smith 1999DocumentaryDVD
8380American Movies with ScorseseMartin Scorsese / Michael Henry Wilson1995DocumentaryDVD
9905Americcan Splendor 2003 Shari Shari Springer Berma 2003ComedyDVD
10800Amish GraceGreg Champion2010TelevisionDVD
10633AmistadSteven Spielberg1997DramaDVD
9407Amistad 1997 Steven Spielberg1997DramaDVD
9010Amores Perros 2001Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu 2001DramaDVD
10431An Affair to RememerLeo McCarey1957RomanceDVD
10540An American AdventureKen Carpenter2008DocumentaryDVD
10613An American AdventureKen Carpenter2008DocumentaryDVD
9009An American Werewolf in LondonJohn Landis 1981FantasyDVD
101312An Inconvenient TruthDavis Guggenheim2006DocumentaryDVD
8173Anchorman: The Legend of Ron BAdam McKay2004ComedyDVD
9680Andrei Rublev 1966 Andrie Tarkovskiy 1966DramaDVD
9984Angel at My Table, An 1990 JanJane Campion1990DramaDVD
10542Angels in the DustLouise Hogarth2008DocumentaryDVD
8415Anne B. RealLisa France2003DramaDVD
8379AnnieJohn Huston1982MusicalDVD
10595Annie Get Your GunGeorge Sidney1950MusicalDVD
8430Annie HallWoody Allen1977RomanceDVD
9012Annie HallWoody Allen 1977ComedyDVD
9758Antwone Fisher 2002 Denzel Washington 2002DramaDVD
9396Anything Else 2003Woody Allen2003ComedyDVD
9192Aparajito 1957Satyajit Ray1957DramaDVD
9900Apartment, The 1960 Billy WildBilly Wilder 1960RomanceDVD
9013Apocalypse Now 1979Francis Ford Coppola 1979DramaDVD
8096Apocalypse Now: Redux 2001Francis Ford Coppola2001DramaDVD
10665Apollo 13Ron Howard1995AdventureDVD
9014Apostle, The 1997 Robert Duvall1997DramaDVD
9719Ararat 2003 Atom Egoyan2003DramaDVD
10366ArgoBen Affleck2012DramaDVD
10666Armageddon (Criterion CollectiMichael Bay1999ActionDVD
9507Army of Darkness 1992Sam Raimi 1992ActionDVD
10811Around the World in 80 DaysMichael Anderson1956AdventureDVD
10257Around the World in 80 Days Frank Coraci2004ForeignDVD
10210Art of the Short Film2005DVD
10439As Good as It GetsJames L. Brooks1997ComedyDVD
10567As Good as it GetsJames L. Brooks1997ComedyDVD
8070As He Falls 2003Jeremy Lake2003DVD
9412As Tears Go By 1988 Kar Wai Wong 1988CrimeDVD
10574AS We ForgiveLaura Waters Hinson2009DocumentaryDVD
9269Asphalt Jungle, The 1950 John Huston 1950CrimeDVD
10007Assassination of Jesse JamesAndrew Dominik2007WesternDVD
10420Assisi PilgrimageGreg Friedman2008DramaDVD
9276Atomic Cafe, The 1982 Kevin Rafferty 1982DocumentaryDVD
9693Au Hazard Baltazar 1966Robert Bresson1966CrimeDVD
8094Au Revoir Les Enfants 1987Louis Malle1987DramaDVD
10559August RushKirsten Sheridan2008DramaDVD
8498AustraliaBaz Luhrmann2008DramaDVD
8031Avante-Garde: Experimental CinHarry Hay1920s -1930sScience FictionDVD
8337Avenging Conscience, The 1914D.W. Griffith 1914DramaDVD
10773B.O.B.'s Big BreakRobert Porter2009AnimationDVD
8247Babel 2006Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu 2006DramaDVD
10447Babettes FeastGabriel Axel1987ComedyDVD
10163Back to the Future TrilogyRObert Zemeckis1985, 1989, 1990AdventureDVD
8154Bad Timing 1980Nicolas Roeg1980DramaDVD
10201Bad TripErik Fleming and Chris Palzis2005ComedyDVD
8089Bamboozled 2000Spike Lee2000ComedyDVD
9234Band of Outsiders 1964 Jean-Luc Godard1964CrimeDVD
9500Bank Dick, The 1940 Edward F. Cline 1940ComedyDVD
9939Baraka 1992 Ron FrickeRon Fricke 1992DocumentaryDVD
9696Barbarian Invasions, The 2003 Denys Arcand2003ComedyDVD
8450Barber ShopTim Story2002ComedyDVD
9713Barbershop 2002Tim Story 2002ComedyDVD
8175Barefoot Glen 1 & 2 1983 / 198Mori Masaki1983 / 1986AnimationDVD
10367Barry LyndonStanley Kubrick1975DramaDVD
9971Barry Lyndon 1975 Stanley KubrStanley Kubrick 1975DramaDVD
9837Batman BeginsChristopher Nolan2005ActionDVD
10491Batman BeginsChristopher Nolan2005ActionDVD
9804Battle of Algiers, The 1965 GiGillo Pontecorvo1965WarDVD
10400Battle of BritainGuy Hamilton1969WarDVD
10486Battle of BrittainGuy Hamilton1969WarDVD
9983Battle of Midway, The / Global2000DocumentaryDVD
9453Battle of Shaker Heights 2003 Efram Potelle, Kyle Rankin 2003DramaDVD
8406Be Kind RewindMichael Gondry2008ComedyDVD
8258Be Still 2006Amy Reinhold 2006DramaDVD
10688BeachesGary Marshall1988ComedyDVD
9374Beauty and the Beast 1946Jean Cocteau 1946DramaDVD
8456Because of Winn DixieWayne Wang2005FamilyDVD
10027Because of Winn-DixieWayne Wang2005FamilyDVD
10515Becoming JaneJulian Jarrold2007RomanceDVD
9551Bed and Board 1970Francois Truffaut1970ComedyDVD
9425Before Sunrise 1995 Richard Linklater 1995DramaDVD
9620Before Sunset 2004Richard Linklater 2004DramaDVD
9015Behind the Red Curtain 2001 Baz Lurhmann2001DramaDVD
10868Beijing 2008: Opening Ceremony2008TelevisionDVD
9540Being John Malkovich 1999 Spike Jonze 1999ComedyDVD
10719Being ThereHal Ashby1979ComedyDVD
9934Being There 1979 Hal AshbyHal Ashby1979ComedyDVD
10272Believe in MeSpiritual Cinema Circle2007DramaDVD
10836Bell Book and CandleRichard Quine1958FantasyDVD
10727Bell, Book and CandleRichard Quine1958Romantic ComedyDVD
M0005 BellaAlejandro Monteverde2006DramaDVD
8197Ben-HurWilliam Wyler 1959ActionDVD
10499Ben-HurWilliam Wyler1959ActionDVD
10465BessieStacie Jones2009DramaDVD
9016Best Arbuckle Keaton CollectioBuster Keaton, Fatty Arbuckle 1919ComedyDVD
9972Best Boy 1979 Ira WohlIra Wohl1979DocumentaryDVD
8431Best in ShowChristopher Guest2001ComedyDVD
9287Best in Show 2000 Christopher Guest2000DVD
8374Best of 168 Hour Films 2003Various2003CompilationDVD
10209Best of Atomfilms 20002000DVD
9805Best of Bruno Bozzetto: AnimatBruno Bozzetto2005AnimationDVD
8037Best of See It Now, The: EdwarDon Hewitt II1990DocumentaryDVD
10259Best of the 29th Annual Nor...2002CompilationDVD
9017Best Years of Our Lives, TheWilliam Wyler 1946DramaDVD
10194Better Luck TomorrowJustin Lin2003DramaDVD
9726Better Luck Tomorrow 2003Justin Lin 2003CrimeDVD
8179Better Tomorrow, A 1986John Woo1986ActionDVD
8434Beyond the Gates of SplendorJim Hanon2002DocumentaryDVD
8445Beyond the Gates of SplendorJim Hanon2002DocumentaryDVD
9190Bicycle Thieves, The 1948Vittorio De Sica1948CrimeDVD
10162BigPenny Marshall1988ComedyDVD
10038BigPenny Marshall1988ComedyDVD
9606Big Chill, The 1998 Lawrence Kasdan 1998ComedyDVD
10791Big FishTim Burton2003FantasyDVD
9371Big Kahuna, The 1999 John Swanbeck 1999DramaDVD
9018Big Picture, The 1989 ChristopChristopher Guest1989ComedyDVD
9616Big Red One: The ReconstructioSamuel Fuller 2004ActionDVD
9019Big Sleep, The 1946 Howard Hawks1946CrimeDVD
9706Big Wednesday 1978 John Milius1978ComedyDVD
8416BigfeetJon WardDVD
8467Bill & Ted's Excellent AdventuStephen Herek1989ComedyDVD
8383Billy ElliotStephen Daldry2000ComedyDVD
8056Billy Elliot 2000Stephen Daldry2000ComedyDVD
9581Billy Liar 1963 John Schlesinger 1963ComedyDVD
10580Billy SundayDocumentaryDVD
10011Biola Film Festival 03 20032003DVD
10129Biola Film Festival 07 20072007DVD
10143Biola Films Showcase 2009 200/200/9DVD
10376BirdmanAlejandro G. Inarritu2014DramaDVD
9831Birds, The 1963 Alfred HitchcoAlfred Hitchcock1963HorrorDVD
9638Birth of a Nation and the CiviD.W. Griffith 1915DramaDVD
8233Birth of a Nation, The 2001D.W. Griffith 2001DramaDVD
9447Black and White in Color 1976 Jean-Jacques Annaud 1976ComedyDVD
9020Black Hawk Down 2001Ridley Scott2001ActionDVD
9445Black Narcissus 1947 Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger 1947DramaDVD
9493Black Stallion, The 1979 Carroll Ballard 1979AdventureDVD
10133Blade RunnerRidley Scott 1982Science FictionDVD
8261Blair Witch Project, The 1999Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez1999HorrorDVD
8061Blank Slate 2003John Coghlan, Robert Morse2003ActionDVD
10090Blank Slate 2003 John Coghlan 2003DVD
9774Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi, TheTakeshi Kitano 2003ActionDVD
10331Blood BrotherSteve Hoover2013DocumentaryDVD
9218Blood of a Poet, The 1930 Jean Cocteau 1930DramaDVD
9022Blood Simple 1983 Joel Coen, Ethan Coen 1983CrimeDVD
8236Blood, Guts, Bullets. and OctaJoe Carnahan1998ActionDVD
9337Bloody Sunday 2002 Paul Greeng2002DramaDVD
9248Blow-Up 1966 Michelangelo Antonioi1966DramaDVD
9285Blue 1996 Krzystztof Kieslowsk1996DramaDVD
9629Blue Angel, The 1930 Josef von Sternberg 1930DramaDVD
9023Blue Velvet 1986 David Lynch 1986CrimeDVD
9369Bob Le Flambeur 1955 Jean-Pierre Melville 1955CrimeDVD
8091Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius Rowdy Herrington2003DramaDVD
10253Bobby Jones; Stroke of GeniusRowdy Herrington2004DramaDVD
8395Bobby's WorldRobert Treat, Marlene May, Ron Myrick, Klay Hall1990AnimationDVD
10033Bonnie and ClydeArthur Penn1967CrimeDVD
10375Bonnie and Clyde (Blu Ray)Arthur Penn1967CrimeDVD
9976Bonnie and Clyde 1967Arthur Penn1967CrimeDVD
10308Born into BrothelsRoss Kauffman and Zana Briski2004DocumentaryDVD
9792Born Into Brothels 2004 Zana Briski, Ross Kauffman 2004DocumentaryDVD
9543Bottle Rocket 1996 Wes Anderson1996ComedyDVD
9533Bourne Supremacy, The 2004Paul Greengrass2004ActionDVD
9024Bowling for Columbine 2002 Michael Moore 2002DocumentaryDVD
9763Boys Don't Cry 1999 Kimberly Peirce 1999CrimeDVD
9025Boyz N the Hood 1991 John Singleton1991CrimeDVD
9026Braveheart 1995 Mel Gibson1995ActionDVD
10130BrazilTerry Gilliam 1985DramaDVD
9027Brazil 1985 Terry Gilliam 1985DramaDVD
10056BreachBilly Ray2007CrimeDVD
10224Bread & TulipsSilvio Soldini2001RomanceDVD
9028Breakdown 1997 Jonathan Mostow 1997ActionDVD
10601Breakfast at Tiffany'sBlake Edwards1961ComedyDVD
9191Breakfast at Tiffany's 1961Blake Edwards1961ComedyDVD
10634Breakfast at Tiffany's/Roman HBlake Edwards/William Wyler/Billy Wilder1961/1953/1954Romantic ComedyDVD
9029Breakfast Club, The 1985John Hughes1985ComedyDVD
8041Breaking AwayPeter Yates1979DramaDVD
9030Breaking the Waves 1996Lars von Trier1996DramaDVD
9233Breathless 1960 Jean-Luc Godard1960CrimeDVD
8354BrethrenWes Thomsen2004DocumentaryDVD
9781Bride of Frankenstein, The 193James Whale 1935HorrorDVD
10020Bridge of San Louis ReyMary McGuckian 2004DramaDVD
9903Bridge on the River Kwai, The David Lean 1957WarDVD
8414Bridge to TerabithiaGabor Csupo2007FantasyDVD
10482Bridge to TerabithiaGabor Csupo2007AdventureDVD
10639Bridget Jones's DiarySharon Maguire2001Romantic ComedyDVD
9993Bring Me the Head of Alfredo GSam Peckinpah 1974CrimeDVD
10095Bringing Up BabyHoward Hawks 1938ComedyDVD
9530Bringing Out the Dead 1999 Martin Scorsese 1999DramaDVD
9651Broadcast News 1987James L. Brooks 1987ComedyDVD
8082Brokeback Mountain 2005Ang Lee2005DramaDVD
9636Broken Blossoms 1919 D.W. Griffith 1919DramaDVD
8260Brood, The 1979David Cronenberg 1979Science FictionDVD
9329Brother's Keeper 1992 Joe Berlinger 1992DocumentaryDVD
8162Brothers McMullen, The 1995Edward Burns1995ComedyDVD
9999Brothers Quay Collection, The Stephen Quay and Timothy Quay 1987DocumentaryDVD
10769Bruce AlmightyTom Sahdyak2003ComedyDVD
8167Bruce Almighty 2003Tom Shadyac2003ComedyDVD
10305Buena Vista Social ClubWim Wenders1999DocumentaryDVD
9264Buffalo '66 1998 Vincent Gallo 1998ComedyDVD
9952Bullitt 1968 Peter YatesPeter Yates 1968ActionDVD
9961Burden of Dreams 1982 Les BlanLes Blank 1982DocumentaryDVD
9866Bus 174 2002 Jose Padiha, FeliJose Padilha2002ForeignDVD
9343Buster Keaton: "Our HospitalitBuster Keaton 1924ComedyDVD
8492Butch Cassidy and the SundanceRobert Crawford Jr.1969AdventureDVD
10552Butch Cassidy and the SundanceGeorge Roy Hill1969CrimeDVD
8190Butch Cassidy and the SundanceGeorge Roy Hill1969AdventureDVD
10332Butterfly Circus, TheJoshua Weigel2009DramaDVD
10815By the Light of the Silvery MoDavid Butler1952MusicalDVD
10850Bye Bye BirdieGeorge Sidney1963MusicalDVD
10147CabaretBob Fosse1972MusicalDVD
9189Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Robert Wiene 1921HorrorDVD
9632Cabiria 1914 Giovanni Pastrone1914AdventureDVD
10049Caché (Hidden)Michael Haneke 2005ThrillerDVD
8316CaddyshackHarold Ramis1980ComedyDVD
8220Call of the Wild 1963Richard Gabai 1963AdventureDVD
8217Call of the Wild 2003Michael Toshiyuki Uno2003AdventureDVD
9405Camera Buff 1979Krzysztof Kieslowski 1979DramaDVD
10279Campfire Joseph Cedar2005DramaDVD
10382Capturing Reality: The Art of Pepita Ferrari2008DocumentaryDVD
9980Capturing the Friedmans 2003 AAndrew Jarecki 2003DocumentaryDVD
10316Cardboard DreamsAndrew Harmon2014FantasyDVD
8068Carl Th. Dreyer: My Metier 199Torben Skjodt Jensen1995DocumentaryDVD
10293Carmen: The ChampionLee Stanley2001DramaDVD
10196Carol's JourneyImanol Uribe2004DramaDVD
8444Carol's JourneyImanol Uribe2002DramaDVD
10498CarouselHenry King1956MusicalDVD
10433CarouselHenry King1956MusicalDVD
9795Carrie 1976 Brian DePalma1976DramaDVD
10034CarsJon Lasseter 2006AnimationDVD
10189CasablancaMichael Curtiz1943DramaDVD
8334CasablancaMichael Curtiz 1943DramaDVD
8257CasablancaMichael Curtiz 1943DramaDVD
10588Casino RoyaleMartin Campbell2006ActionDVD
102337CasshernKazuaki Kiriya2004Science FictionDVD
8439Cast AwayRobert Zemekis2000DramaDVD
9449Catch Me If You Can 2003 Steven Spielberg 2003ComedyDVD
8159Catch-22 1970Mike Nichols1970ComedyDVD
9985Celebration, The 1998 Thomas VThomas Vinterberg 1998DramaDVD
10216Central StationWalter Salles1998DramaDVD
10274Central StationWalter Salles1998DramaDVD
9032Central Station 1998 Walter Salles1998DramaDVD
8028Chain CameraKirby Dick2001DVD
10310Chaisson: Quest for OriudBrian Ulrich2014FantasyDVD
10311Chaisson: Quest for OriudBrian Ulrich2014FantasyDVD
10312Chaisson: Quest for OriudBrian Ulrich2014FantasyDVD
10173ChalkMike Akel2007DocumentaryDVD
8164Chan is Missing 1982Wayne Wang1982AdventureDVD
8017Chang: A Drama of the Wilderne1927DVD
9422Changing Lanes 2002 Roger Michell 2002DramaDVD
10866CharadeStanley Donen1963ComedyDVD
9684Charade 1963Stanley Donen1963ComedyDVD
10653Chariots of FireHugh Hudson1981DramaDVD
8144Chariots of FireHugh Hudson1981DramaDVD
10503Charlie Chaplin Film FestivalComedyDVD
8448Charlie Chaplin SpecialCharlie Chaplin2002ComedyDVD
8392Charlotte SometimesEric Byler2002DramaDVD
8187Charlotte Sometimes 2002Eric Byler2002DramaDVD
9199Chasing Amy 1997 Kevin Smith1997ComedyDVD
101347Cheaper by the DozenShawn Levy2003ComedyDVD
9800Cheaper by the Dozen 1950 WaltWalter Lang1950ComedyDVD
9784Cheaper by the Dozen 2003 Shawn Levy2003ComedyDVD
9844Chicago 2002 Rob MarshallRob Marshall2002MusicalDVD
10818Chicken LittleMark Dindal2005AnimationDVD
9386Chicken Run 2000Peter Lord & Nick Park 2000AnimationDVD
9489Children of Heaven 1998Majid Majidi 1998AdventureDVD
8404Children of MenAlfonso Cuaron2006ActionDVD
8243Children of Men 2006Alfonso Cuaron 2006AdventureDVD
9216Children of Paradise 1945 Marcel Carne 1945DramaDVD
9676China Syndrome, The 1978 James Bridges 1978DramaDVD
9932ChinatownRoman Polanski1974MysteryDVD
10180ChinatownRoman Polanski1974Film NoirDVD
10565ChinatownRoman Polanski1974DramaDVD
8087Chisholm '72: Unbought & UnbosShola Lynch2004DocumentaryDVD
10693Chitty Chitty Bang BangKen Hughes1968FamilyDVD
10448ChocolatLasse Hallström2000RomanceDVD
9196Chocolat 2000 Lasse Hallstrom2000DramaDVD
10473Christy, Episodes 1–8Various1994DramaDVD
10690Christy, Episodes 1–8Various1994DramaDVD
10691Christy, Episodes 9–19Various1994DramaDVD
10474Christy, Episodes 9–19Various1994DramaDVD
10652Chronicles of Narnia: Prince CAndrew Adamson2008FantasyDVD
8400Chronicles of Narnia: The LionAndrew Adamson2005FantasyDVD
9059Chronicles of Narnia: The LionAndrew Adamson 2005AdventureDVD
8240Chuck and Buck 2000Miguel Arteta 2000ComedyDVD
9410Chungking Express 1994Kar Wai Wong 1994ComedyDVD
10275Ciao, Professore!Lina Wertmuller1976ComedyDVD
9951Cincinnati Kid, The 1965 NormaNorman Jewison1965DramaDVD
8047Cinderella Man 2005Ron Howard2005DramaDVD
9255Cinema Paradiso 1990Guiseppe Tornatore1990DramaDVD
10177Cinema with an EdgeN/A2000CompilationDVD
8006Cinema's First Monsters: "Fran2003DVD
10523Citizen KaneOrson Welles1941DramaDVD
8200Citizen Kane 1941Orson Welles1941DramaDVD
9197Citizen Kane 1941 Orson Welles1941DramaDVD
8221City Lights 1931Charles Chaplin 1931ComedyDVD
9541City of God 2002Fernando Meirelles2002CrimeDVD
10502Clear and Present Danger1994ActionDVD
8142Clear View, A 2004Michael Olson2004DramaDVD
8459ClerksKevin Smith1994ComedyDVD
8191Clerks. 1994Kevin Smith1994AnimationDVD
10522CliffhangerRenny Harlin1993ActionDVD
9033Close Encounters of the Third Steven Spielberg1977DramaDVD
M0002 Close Encounters of the Third Steven Spielberg1977Science FictionBlu-ray
9958Close-Up 1990 Abbas KiarostamiAbbas Kiarostami 1990CrimeDVD
9895Clueless 1995 Amy HeckerlingAmy Heckerling 1995ComedyDVD
10517Cold MountainAnthony Minghella2003DramaDVD
8234Cold Mountain 2003Anthony Minghella2003DramaDVD
10335Cold SoulsSophie Barthes2009ComedyDVD
10325CollateralMichael Mann2004CrimeDVD
9367Collateral 2004 Michael Mann2004CrimeDVD
9695Collected Shorts of Jan SvankmJan Svankmajer2005AnimationDVD
9884Color Purple, The 1985 Steven Steven Spielberg 1985DramaDVD
8117Colors Straight Up 2007Michele Ohayon2007DramaDVD
10442Come What MayManny Edwards, George D. Escobar2009DramaDVD
10426Come What May2009DramaDVD
9646Comedy, Spectacle, and New HorVarious 1907-1911ComedyDVD
9496Coming Home 1978 Hal Ashby1978DramaDVD
9773Constant Forge, A 2000 Charles Kiselyak 2000DocumentaryDVD
8023Constant Gardener, The 2005 Fe2005DVD
9700Constantine 2005 Francis Lawrence2005DramaDVD
9313Contempt 1963 Jean-Luc Godard1963DramaDVD
9284Contender, The 2000 Rod Lurie 2000DramaDVD
9930Control Room 2004 Jehane NoujaJehane Noujaim2004DocumentaryDVD
9851Conversation, The 1974 FrancisFrancis Ford Coppola1974ThrillerDVD
10761Cool ItOndi Timoner2010DocumentaryDVD
8490Corpse BrideTim Burton2005AnimationDVD
9203Count of Monte Cristo, The 200Kevin Reynolds2002AdventureDVD
101317Cove, TheLouie Psihoyos2009DocumentaryDVD
8469CrashPaul Haggis2004DramaDVD
9801Crash 2004 Paul HaggisPaul Haggis2004DramaDVD
9229Cries and Whispers 1972 Ingmar Bergman 1972DramaDVD
8458Crocole DundeePeter Faiman1986ComedyDVD
9165Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonAng Lee1997ActionDVD
9959Croupier 1998 Mike HodgesMike Hodges 1998CrimeDVD
9887Crow, The 1994Alex Proyas1994ThrillerDVD
8396Cry WolfJeff Wadlow2005HorrorDVD
8216Cujo 1983Lewis Teague 1983HorrorDVD
8008Curse of Frankenstein, The 1951957DVD
9395Curse of the Jade Scorpion, ThWoody Allen2001ComedyDVD
10846Curse of the Pink PantherBlake Edwards1983ComedyDVD
9437Cyclo 1995 Tran Anh Hung1995CrimeDVD
9639D.W. Griffith's Biograph ShortD.W. Griffith 1908-1913DramaDVD
8205D.W. Griffith's Biograph ShortD. W. Griffith, G.W. Bitzer 2002DVD
9277Damah Film Festival Vol. 1 200Jake Davis, Vita Lusty 2002DVD
9278Damah Film Festival Vol. 2 200Jake Davis, Vita Lusty 2003DVD
10295Damah Film Festival: Vol 2Multiple2002DramaDVD
10246Damah Film Festival; volume 12002CompilationDVD
10247Damah Film Festival; volume 32003CompilationDVD
9279Damah Fim Festival Vol. 3 2003Jake Davis, Vita Lusty 2003DVD
9610Dancer in the Dark 2000Lars von Trier 2000DramaDVD
10487Dances with WolvesKevin Costner1990AdventureDVD
8194Dances with WolvesKevin Costner 1990AdventureDVD
10063Dante's PeakRoger Donaldson 1997ActionDVD
9841Dark City 1998 Alex ProyasAlex Proyas1998Science FictionDVD
9457Dark Days 2000Marc Singer 2000DocumentaryDVD
10718Darling LiliBlake Edwards1970Dramatic ComedyDVD
9689Das Boot 1985 Wolfgang Petersen1985DramaDVD
9408Daughters of the Dust 1991 Julie Dash 1991DramaDVD
9511Dave 1993 Ivan Reitman1993ComedyDVD
10847David and BathshebaHenry King1951DramaDVD
9314Day For Night 1973 Francois Tr1973ComedyDVD
8067Day of Wrath (Vredens dag) 194Carl Theodor Dreyer1943DramaDVD
9762Day the Earth Stood Still, TheRobert Wise 1951DramaDVD
9411Days of Being Wild 1991Kar Wai Wong 1991CrimeDVD
9034Days of Heaven 1978 Terrence Malick1978DramaDVD
10703Days of Wine and RosesBlake Edwards1962DramaDVD
9614Dazed and Confused 1993 Richard Linklater 1993ComedyDVD
9683Dead Man 1995 Jim Jarmusch1995DramaDVD
10741Dead Man WalkingTim Robbins1995CrimeDVD
9035Dead Man Walking 1995 Tim Robbins1995CrimeDVD
10713Dead Poets SocietyPeter Weir1989DramaDVD
10030Dead Poets SocietyPeter Weir 1989DramaDVD
9250Death in Venice 1971 Luchino Visconti 1971DramaDVD
9995Death Race 2000 1975 Paul BartPaul Bartel 1975Science FictionDVD
8170Debut, The 2000Gene Cajayon2000ComedyDVD
9436Decade Under the Influence, A Richard LaGravenese 2003DocumentaryDVD
9768Deep End, The 2001 Scott McGehee, David Siegel 2001CrimeDVD
10484Deep in the HeartChristopher Cain2012DramaDVD
9840Deer Hunter, The 1978 Michael Michael Cimino1978WarDVD
10270Déja VuSpiritual Cinema Circle2007DramaDVD
9036Deliverance 1972John Boorman 1972AdventureDVD
10645Demetrius and the GladiatorsDelmer Daves1954ActionDVD
10021Demolition ManMarco Brambilla1993ActionDVD
10450Dennis the Menace / Dennis theNick Castle / Charles T. Kanganis1993/1998ComedyDVD
10809DerailedMikael Haestrom2005ThrillerDVD
10341Dersu UzalaAkira Kurosawa1971ForeignDVD
10297Dersu Uzala 1974Akira Kurosawa1974ForeignDVD
9275Destry Rides Again 1939 George Marshall 1939ComedyDVD
9717Detour 1945 Martin Goldsmith1945CrimeDVD
9299Diabolique 1954Henri-Georges Clouzot 1954Film NoirDVD
9306Diary of a Country Priest 1950Robert Bresson 1950DramaDVD
10260Diary of a Mad Black WomanDarren Grant2005ComedyDVD
9715Diary of a Mad Black Woman 200Darren Grant2005ComedyDVD
9280Die HardJohn McTiernan1988ActionDVD
9320Die Nibelungen 1924 Fritz Lang 1924FantasyDVD
9901Dig! 2004 Ondi TimonerOndi Timoner 2004DocumentaryDVD
9342Diner 1982Barry Levinson 1982ComedyDVD
9254Discreet Charm of the BourgeoiLuis Bunuel 1972ComedyDVD
9816District, The (screener) 2003 Various2003CrimeDVD
10776Divas Chrismas CarolRichard Schenkman2002ComedyDVD
10024Diving Bell and the Butterfly,2008DVD
10309Divorced AmericanMichael Gonzales2006DocumentaryDVD
8506Divorced AmericanMichael Gonzales2006DocumentaryDVD
10369Django UnchainedQuentin Tarantino2012WesternDVD
9037Do the Right Thing 1989 Spike Lee1989DramaDVD
9222Doctor ZhivagoDavid Lean 1965DramaDVD
10683Doctor ZhivagoDavid Lean1965DramaDVD
8488Dodgeball- A True Underdog StoRawson Marshall Thurber2004ComedyDVD
9382Dog Day Afternoon 1975Sydney Lumet 1975CrimeDVD
8465DogmaKevin Smith1999FantasyDVD
9334Dogma: Special Edition 2000 Kevin Smith 2000AdventureDVD
8099Dogtown and Z-Boys 2001Stacy Peralta2001DocumentaryDVD
9263Dogville 2003Lars Von Trier2003DramaDVD
9038Donnie Darko 2001 Richard Kelley 2001DramaDVD
9979Don't Look Back 1967 D.A. PennD.A. Pennebaker 1967DocumentaryDVD
8213Don't Look Now 1973Nicolas Roeg 1973HistoryDVD
9731Don't Look Now 1974Gerard Oury 1974ComedyDVD
10386Double IndemnityBilly Wilder1944CrimeDVD
9786Double Indemnity 1944 Billy Wilder 1944CrimeDVD
8322Double ParkedStephen Kinsella2000ComedyDVD
8116Down by Law 1986Jim Jarmusch1986ComedyDVD
10146Dr Strangelove Or: How I Learn1964DVD
10281Dr. Doittle2SteveCarr2001ComedyDVD
9567Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde 1920Rouben Mamoulian 1920DramaDVD
9298Dr. Strangelove or: How I learStanley Kubrick 1964ComedyDVD
8009Dracula 1931 Tod Browning1931DVD
8010Dracula 19921992DVD
8000Dracula 2000Patrick Lussier2000HorrorDVD
8403Dream GirlsBill Condon2006MusicalDVD
8353DreamerJohn Gatins2005FamilyDVD
10343DreamsAkira Kurosawa1990CompilationDVD
9039Dreams 1990 Akira Kurosawa1990DramaDVD
10324Dreams of DustLaurent Salgues2006DramaDVD
10701DrumlineCharles Stone III2002ComedyDVD
10436Drums Along the MohawkJohn Ford1939WesternDVD
10348Drunken Angel (Yoidore Tenshi)Akira Kurosawa1948ForeignDVD
10298Drunken Angel 1948Akira Kurosawa1948ForeignDVD
8461Dual RevelationRobert Bontrager2008DocumentaryDVD
8058Duel 1971Steven Spielberg1971DramaDVD
8474DumaCarroll Ballard2005FamilyDVD
10772DumboBen Sharpsteen 1941AnimationDVD
9863DVD Tutorial: Final Cut Studio2005DVD
8033E.M.B. ClassicsBasil Wright, John Grierson, Robert Flaherty1929DocumentaryDVD
8166E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 198Steven Spielberg1982AdventureDVD
8323E.T.: The Extra-TerrestrialSteven Spielberg1982AdventureDVD
10068Early Films by Thomas Alva EdiThomas Edison2005DVD
10069Early Films by Thomas Alva EdiThomas Edison2005DVD
9631Earth/The End of st.PetersburgVsevolod Pudovkin, Mikhail Doller 1927/1930/1925DramaDVD
9647East of EdenElia Kazan 1954DramaDVD
10670East of EdenElia Kazan1954DramaDVD
10404East of Eden (TV Series)Harvey Hart1981DramaDVD
10722East of Eden (TV), Volume 1Harvey Hart1981DramaDVD
10723East of Eden (TV), Volume 2Harvey Hart1981DramaDVD
10724East of Eden (TV), Volume 3Harvey Hart1981DramaDVD
9988East Side StoryDana Ranga 1997DocumentaryDVD
9295Easy Rider 1969Dennis Hopper 1969CrimeDVD
9451Easy Riders Raging Bulls 2002 Kenneth Bowser2002DocumentaryDVD
9679Eat Drink Man Woman 1994Ang Lee1994ComedyDVD
9834Ed Wood 1994 Tim BurtonTim Burton1994DramaDVD
9847Edward Scissorhands 1990 Tim BTim Burton1990FantasyDVD
9532Eel, The 1998 Shohei Imamura1998DramaDVD
8313El BolaAchero Manas2000DramaDVD
9324El Mariachi 1992Robert Rodriguez 1992ActionDVD
10046El TopoAlejandro Jodorowsky 1970ForeignDVD
9584Element of Crime, The 1984Lars von Trier 1984CrimeDVD
9040Elephant Man, The 1980 David Lynch 1980DramaDVD
8496Ellen DegeneresJoel Gallen2003ComedyDVD
10568Elsa LetterseedSarah C. Kreutz2006DramaDVD
10599Emily's SongFrank Kelly & Thomas A Kennedy2006ComedyDVD
8148Empire of the Air: The Men WhoKen Burns1991DocumentaryDVD
10651Empire of the SunSteven Spielberg1987DramaDVD
10686Empire of the SunSteven Spielberg1987DramaDVD
10717EnchantedKevin Lima2007FamilyDVD
8141End of the Spear 2005Jim Hanon2005AdventureDVD
9954Endless Summer, The 1966 BruceBruce Brown 1966DocumentaryDVD
8104Enron: The Smartest Guys in thAlex Gibney2005DVD
8504Entourage: The Complete SeriesDoug Ellin2004TelevisionDVD
102338Ernest in the ARMYJohn Cherry1997ComedyDVD
10153Eternal Sunshine of the SpotleMichel Gondry 2004RomanceDVD
9641European Pioneers, The 1894-19Various 1894-1913DocumentaryDVD
10732Evan AlmightyTom Shadyac2007ComedyDVD
10777EverestDavid Breashears, Stephen Judson1996DocumentaryDVD
9385Everlasting Piece, An 2000Barry Levinson 2000ComedyDVD
10497Every Young Mans BattleDocumentaryDVD
10193Everything is IlluminatedLiev Schreiber2005DramaDVD
9575Eve's Bayou 1997Kasi Lemmons 1997DramaDVD
9526Evil Dead 1981Sam Raimi1981HorrorDVD
9515Evil Dead 2 1987Sam Raimi 1987ComedyDVD
8024Execution of Wanada Jean, The 2002DVD
9041Exorcist, The 1973 William Friedkin 1973HorrorDVD
10659Expelled: No Intelligence AlloNathan Frankowski2008DocumentaryDVD
10561Experiment in TerrorBlake Edwards1962ThrillerDVD
9643Experimentation and Discovery Various 1894-1913DocumentaryDVD
8391Expiration DateRick Stevenson2006ComedyDVD
9598Extreme Days 2001 Eric Hannah2001ActionDVD
10229Extreme Days; ife's a trip...Erik Hannah2002AdventureDVD
9458Eyes of Tammy Faye, The 1999 Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato 1999DocumentaryDVD
8203Eyes Wide Shut 1999Stanley Kubrick1999DramaDVD
9687Eyes Without a Face 1959 Georges Franju 1959DramaDVD
9688F for Fake 1972 Orson Welles1972DocumentaryDVD
10757FaceBertha Bay-Sa Pan2002DramaDVD
8137Face / Off 1997John Woo1997ActionDVD
9772Faces 1968 John Cassavetes1968DramaDVD
10627Facing the GiantsAlex Kendrick2006DramaDVD
8054Fahrenheit 451 1966Francois Truffaut1966DramaDVD
9283Fahrenheit 9/11 2004 Michael Moore2004DocumentaryDVD
9414Fallen Angels 1995 Kar Wai Wong 1995ComedyDVD
10015Family PlotAlfred Hitchcock1976ThrillerDVD
9446Fanny and Alexander 1982 Ingmar Bergman 1982DramaDVD
8174Fantasia 1940Joe Grant & Dick Huerner1940AnimationDVD
8136Fantastic Four 2005Tim Story2005ActionDVD
M0003 Fantastic Mr. FoxWes Anderson2009AnimationBlu-ray
9340Far From Heaven 2002 Todd Haynes2002DramaDVD
8219Far From Home: The Adventures Phillip Borsos1994AdventureDVD
9609Farewell My Concubine 1993 Kaige Chen1993DramaDVD
9317Fast Runner, The 2002 Zacharias Kunuk 2002DramaDVD
9613Fast Times at Ridgemont High 1Amy Heckerling 1982ComedyDVD
9462Father & Son 2003 Aleksandr Sokurov2003DramaDVD
101348Father of the Bride Part IICharles Shyer1995ComedyDVD
9305Fear and Loathing in Las Vgas Terry Gilliam 1998AdventureDVD
9527Fearless 1993Peter Weir1993DramaDVD
10700Ferris Bueller’s Day OffJohn Hughes1986ComedyDVD
10551Fiddler on the RoofNorman Jewison1971MusicalDVD
10593Field of DreamsPhil Alden Robinson1989DramaDVD
8389Field of DreamsPhil Alden Robinson1989DramaDVD
9291Fifth Element, The 1997Luc Besson 1997ActionDVD
M0001 Fight Club (10th Anniversary)David Fincher1999DramaBlu-ray
9043Fight Club 1999 David Fincher1999DramaDVD
8304Final DestinationJames Wong2000HorrorDVD
100309Final Destination 2David R. Ellis2003HorrorDVD
10459Final SolutionCristobol Krusen2002ActionDVD
10669Final SolutionCristobol Krusen2002DramaDVD
10036Finding NemoAndrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich2001AnimationDVD
8410Finding NeverlandMarc Forster2004FantasyDVD
9807Finding Neverland 2004 Marc FoMark Foster 2004DramaDVD
10018Finian's RainbowFrancis Ford Coppola 1968FamilyDVD
10160FireproofAlex Kendrick2008DramaDVD
10513FireproofAlex Kendrick2008DramaDVD
9309Fireworks 1997 Takeshi Kitano1997CrimeDVD
10635First Cut 2013Various2013ShortDVD
10711First LandingCristobal Krusen2006HistoryDVD
10554First LandingCristobal Krusen2006HistoryDVD
9332First Look 2004 Various 2004DramaDVD
9855Fisher King, The 1991 Terry GiTerry Gilliam1991DramaDVD
9044Fitzcarraldo 1982 Werner Herzog1982AdventureDVD
9293Five Easy Pieces 1970 Bob Rafelson 1970DramaDVD
8048Five Heartbeats, The 1991Robert Townsend1991DramaDVD
9745Five Obstructions, The 2003 Lars Von Trier2003DocumentaryDVD
10674Flags of Our FathersClint Eastwood2006WarBlu-ray
10597Flags of Our FathersClint Eastwood2006WarDVD
10556Flags of Our FathersClint Eastwood2006WarDVD
8011Flirting with Disaster 1996 Da1996DVD
9490Flowers of Shanghai 1998 Hsiao-hsien Hou1998DramaDVD
9879Flowers of St. Francis, The 19Roberto Rossellini 1950ForeignDVD
10720FlyboysTony Bill2006ActionDVD
10222Flying DeucesA. Edward SutherlandComedyDVD
10839FlywheelAlex Kendrick2007DramaDVD
10655FlywheelAlex Kendrick2007DramaDVD
9368Fog of War, The 2003Errol Morris 2003DocumentaryDVD
9864Following 1999 Christopher NolChristopher Nolan1999ThrillerDVD
9592Foreign Correspondent 1940 Alfred Hitchcock1940MysteryDVD
8176Forrest Gump 1994Robert Zemeckis1994ComedyDVD
10641FrackNationPhelim McAleer2013DocumentaryDVD
10620FrackNationPhelim McAleer2013DocumentaryDVD
9045Frailty 2002Bill Paxton 2002CrimeDVD
8007Frankenstein 1931 James Whale1931DVD
8005Frankenstein 19941994DVD
9418Freeway 1996 Matthew Bright 1996ComedyDVD
8180French Connection, The 1971William Friedkin 1971ActionDVD
8264Frenzy 1972Alfred Hitchcock 1972CrimeDVD
9913Fresh 1994 Boaz YakinBoaz Yakin 1994DramaDVD
9310Freshman, The 1990 Andrew Bergman 1990ComedyDVD
9596Friday Night Lights 2004 Peter Berg2004ActionDVD
10621Friendly PersuasionWilliam Wyler1956WesternDVD
9712Frisbee: The Life and Death ofDavid Di Sabatino 2005DocumentaryDVD
9439Fritz Lang's "M" 1931Fritz Lang1931Film NoirDVD
10489From Here to EternityFred Zinneman1953DramaDVD
8161From Here To Eternity 1953Fred Zinnemann1953DramaDVD
8508From the Earth to the MoonMichael Grossman1998HistoryDVD
9652Front Page, The 1931 Lewis Milestone 1931ComedyDVD
8209Front Page, The 1931Lewis Milestone 1931ComedyDVD
9732Front Page, The 1974 Billy Wilder 1974ComedyDVD
10518Frost/NixonRon Howard2009DramaDVD
9357Full Frame Festival: 7 CompletJohn Foster2003DocumentaryDVD
9046Full Metal Jacket 1987 Stanley Kubrick 1987DramaDVD
10617Fun with Dick and JaneTed Kotcheff1976ComedyDVD
9206Gangs of New York 2003 Martin Scorsese2003CrimeDVD
9338Garden State 2004 Zach Braff2004ComedyDVD
101307Garden, TheScott Hamilton Kennedy2008DocumentaryDVD
101341Garfield: Cat TailsVarious2003AnimationDVD
9859Gates of Heaven 1980 Errol MorErrol Morris1980DocumentaryDVD
9607Gattaca 1997 Andrew Niccol1997DramaDVD
9633General, TheBuster Keaton, Clyde Bruckman 1926ActionDVD
9047George Lucas in Love 1999Joe Nussbaum 1999ComedyDVD
9690George Washington 2000 David Gordon Green 2000DramaDVD
9916Gerry 2002 Gus Van SantGus Van Sant 2002AdventureDVD
8065Gertrud 1964Carl Theodor Dreyer1964DramaDVD
8003Get Carter 1971 Mike Hodges1971DVD
8305Get ShortyBarry Sonnenfeld1995ComedyDVD
9565Get Shorty 1995 Barry Sonnenfeld1995ComedyDVD
9948Getaway, The 1972 Sam PeckinpaSam Peckinpah 1972CrimeDVD
10731GettysburgRonald F. Maxwell2000WarDVD
9300Ghost Dog: The Way of the SamuJim Jarmusch 1999ActionDVD
9599Ghost in the Shell 1995Mamoru Oshii1995AnimationDVD
10500GiantGeorge Stevens1956DramaDVD
9648Giant 1956 George Stevens1956DramaDVD
9586Gimme Shelter 1970 Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin 1970DocumentaryDVD
10250Ginger and CinnamonDaniele Luchetti2003ComedyDVD
8447Girl FightKaryn Kusama2000DramaDVD
9720Girl, Interrupted 1999James Mangold 1999DramaDVD
9611Girlfight 2000 Karen Kusama2000DramaDVD
10516GladiatorRidley Scott2000ActionDVD
9056Gladiator 2000 Ridley Scott2000ActionDVD
8153Glengarry Glen Ross 1992James Foley1992DramaDVD
9776Go Tell The Spartans 1978 Ted Post1978DramaDVD
10637God Country Notre DameJohn Lawrence2004DocumentaryDVD
8470God Grew Tired of UsChristopher Dillon Quinn2006DocumentaryDVD
M0007 God Loves UgandaRoger Ross Williams2013DocumentaryDVD
9051Godfather Bonus Materials 1990Francis Ford Coppola1990CrimeDVD
9049Godfather Part II 1974Francis Ford Coppola1974CrimeDVD
9050Godfather Part III 1990Francis Ford Coppola1990CrimeDVD
9048Godfather, The 1972 Francis Ford Coppola1972CrimeDVD
9223Gods and Generals 2003Ronald F. Maxwell2003ActionDVD
10758Going My Way/Holiday InnLeo McCarey/Mark Sandrich1944/1942MusicalDVD
9052Golem, The 1920Carl Boese, Paul Wegener 1920FantasyDVD
9193Gone with the Wind 1939 Victor Fleming, George Cukor, Sam Wood1939DramaDVD
9757Good Girl, The 2002 Miguel Arteta 2002ComedyDVD
8079Good Night, and Good Luck 2005George Clooney2005DramaDVD
9288Good, The Bad and The Ugly, ThSergio Leone 1966AdventureDVD
9054Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, TSergio Leone 1966AdventureDVD
10504Goodbye, Mr. ChipsSam Wood1939DramaDVD
9055Goodfellas 1990 Martin Scorses1990CrimeDVD
9497Gosford Park 2001 Robert Altman2001ComedyDVD
9857Gospel According to St. MatthePier Paolo Pasolini1964ForeignDVD
8128Gospel, The 2005Rob Hardy2005DramaDVD
8413GothikaMatthew Kassovitz2003HorrorDVD
9057Graduate, The 1967 Mike Nichols 1967ComedyDVD
9215Grand Illusion 1938 Jean Renoir 1938DramaDVD
9759Grapes of Wrath, The 1940John Ford 1940DramaDVD
8018Grass: A Nation's Battle for L1925DVD
9968Great Escape, The 1963 John StJohn Sturges 1963AdventureDVD
9640Great Train Robbery, The and oEdwin S. Porter 1903WesternDVD
10041Greenaway: The FallsDVD
10040Greenaway: The ShortsDVD
9927Grey Gardens 1975 Ellen Hovde Ellen Hovde1975DocumentaryDVD
101318Grizzly ManLouie Psihoyos2005DocumentaryDVD
8420Groundhog DayHarold Ramis1993ComedyDVD
9544Groundhog Day 1993 Harold Ramis1993ComedyDVD
9822Guardian, The 2002 VariousVarious2002CrimeDVD
9734Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Stanley Kramer 1967DramaDVD
10667Guess Whos Coming To DinnerStanley Kramer1967ComedyDVD
10037Guess Who's Coming to DinnerStanley Kramer 1967RomanceDVD
9270Gun Crazy 1949 Joseph H. Lewis1949CrimeDVD
9992Gunner Palace 2004 Petra EpperPetra Epperlein 2004DocumentaryDVD
9875Guys, The 2002 Jim SimpsonJim Simpson2002DramaDVD
9353Hair 1979Milos Forman 1979ComedyDVD
9075Halloween: 25th Anniversary EdJohn Carpenter 1978HorrorDVD
10184Hangman's CurseRafal Zielinski2003HorrorDVD
9076Hannah and Her Sisters 1986Woody Allen 1986ComedyDVD
10624Hannah Montana The MoviePeter Chelsom2009ComedyDVD
10706Hanover StreetPeter Hyams1979ActionDVD
9413Happy Together 1997 Kar Wai Wong 1997ComedyDVD
9185Hard Boiled 2002John Woo2002ActionDVD
9832Hard Day's Night, A 1964 RichaRichard Lester1964MusicalDVD
9523Hard Eight 1996 Paul Thomas Anderson 1996CrimeDVD
10583HarisprayAdam Shankman2007MusicalDVD
9580Harold and Maude 1971Hal Ashby 1971ComedyDVD
10077Harold Lloyd Comedy CollectionComedyDVD
10078Harold Lloyd Comedy CollectionComedyDVD
10079Harold Lloyd Comedy CollectionComedyDVD
10080Harold Lloyd Comedy CollectionComedyDVD
10730Harriet the SpyBronwen Hughes1996FamilyDVD
8045Harry & TontoPaul Mazursky1974AdventureDVD
10318Harry Potter and the Deathly HDavid Yates2011AdventureDVD
10525Harry Potter and the Goblet ofMike Newell2005AdventureDVD
10319Harry Potter and the Half-BlooDavid Yates2009AdventureDVD
10735Harry Potter and the Sorcerer'Chris Columbus2001FantasyDVD
8348Harry Potter Chamber SecretsChris Columbus2002FantasyDVD
8350Harry Potter Goblet FireMike Newell2005FantasyDVD
8351Harry Potter Order PhoenixDavid Yates2007FantasyDVD
8349Harry Potter Prisoner AzkabanAlfonso Cuarón2004FantasyDVD
8347Harry Potter Sorcerer's StoneChris Columbus2001FantasyDVD
8039Harvest of Shame: Edward R. MuFred W. Friendly1990DocumentaryDVD
9273Harvey 1950Henry Koster1950ComedyDVD
9333Harvie Krumpet 2003 Adam EllioAdam Elliot 2003AnimationDVD
10418Hating BreitbartAndrew Marcus2012DocumentaryDVD
10625HawaiiGeorge Roy Hill1966DramaDVD
10208He Died With a Felafel...Richard Lowenstein2006ComedyDVD
9897He Got Game 1998 Spike LeeSpike Lee1998DramaDVD
10440Heart of a Soul SurferBecky Baumgartner2008DocumentaryDVD
9079Hearts and Minds 1974Peter Davis 1974DocumentaryDVD
10329Hearts in AtlantisScott Hicks2001DramaDVD
101309Hearts of Darkness: A FilmmakeFax Bahr, George Hickenlooper1991DocumentaryDVD
9562Heat 1995 Michael Mann1995ActionDVD
9853Heaven 2002 Tom TykwerTom Tykwer2002CrimeDVD
10733Heaven Can WaitWarren Beatty, Buck Henry1978ComedyDVD
9744Heaven Can Wait 1943 Ernst Lubitsch 1943ComedyDVD
9908Heavenly Creatures 1994Peter Jackson1994CrimeDVD
9060Hell House 2003George Ratliff2003DocumentaryDVD
9742Hellraiser 1987Clive Barker 1987HorrorDVD
9743Hellraiser: Inferno 2000 Scott Derrickson 2000CrimeDVD
8073Helter Skelter 2004John Gray2004ActionDVD
8248Henry Fool 2003Hal Hartley 2003ComedyDVD
9836Henry: Portrait of a Serial KiJohn McNaughton1986CrimeDVD
10001Her Name is SabineSandrine Bonnaire 2007DocumentaryDVD
9335Hero 2002 Zhang Yimou 2002ActionDVD
10243Heroes; Season 1Beeman, Arkush, Semel, Badham, Shapiro2007Science FictionDVD
9928Hidden Fortress, The 1958 AkirAkira Kurosawa 1958ForeignDVD
9081High Noon 1952Fred Zinnemann 1952DramaDVD
9728Hired Hand, The 1971 Peter Fonda1971WesternDVD
9232Hiroshima Mon Amour 1959 Alain Resnais 1959DramaDVD
10151His Girl FridayHoward Hawks 1940ComedyDVD
9660His Girl Friday 1940Howard Hawks 1940ComedyDVD
9649His Girl Friday 1940Howard Hawks 1940ComedyDVD
8344His Picture in the Papers 1916John Emerson 1916ComedyDVD
10065History of Motion Pictures 2002005DVD
9666History of the 80s 1991Various 1991DocumentaryDVD
8083History of Violence, A 2005David Cronenberg2005CrimeDVD
8367HolesAndrew Davis2003ComedyDVD
10804Hollywood CanteenDelmer Daves1944MusicalDVD
9394Hollywood Ending 2002 Woody Allen2002ComedyDVD
8346Hollywood on Fire 2009Kyle Saylors2009DocumentaryDVD
9856Hollywood: An Empire of Their Simcha Jacobovici1998DocumentaryDVD
10570Home on the RangeWill Finn, John Sanford2004AnimationDVD
9597Hometown Legend 2001 James Anderson 2001DramaDVD
8455HoodwinkedCory Edwards2006AnimationDVD
8232Hoodwinked 2005Cory Edwards, Todd Edwards, Tony Leech2005AnimationDVD
102335HookSteven Spielberg1991FantasyDVD
9626Hoop Dreams 1994 Steve James1994DocumentaryDVD
9084Hoosiers 1986 David Anspaugh 1986DramaDVD
8440HopDominique Standaert2003DramaDVD
9085Horror of Dracula 1958Terence Fisher 1958HorrorDVD
8331Hostel 2005Eli Roth 2005HorrorDVD
8429Hotel RwandaTerry George2005DramaDVD
9625Hotel Rwanda 2004 Terry George2004DramaDVD
9619House of Flying Daggers 2004 Zhang Yimou2004ActionDVD
8466House of GamesDavid Mamet1987CrimeDVD
10406How the West Was WonHenry Hathaway / John Ford / George Marshall1962WesternDVD
9361How To Suceed in Business WithDavid Swift 1967ComedyDVD
10255Human TraffickingChristian Duguay2005DocumentaryDVD
10764Human Weapon, Season 12007DocumentaryDVD
8021Humanite 1999 Bruno Dumont1999DVD
9730Hurricane,The 2000 Norman Jewison2000DVD
8022Hustle & Flow 2005 Craig Brewe2005DVD
10202I <3 HuckabeesDavid O. Russell2004ComedyDVD
9867I am Cuba 1964 Mikheil KalatozMikhail Kalatoz1964ForeignDVD
9589I Confess 1953Alfred Hitchcock1953CrimeDVD
9563I Heart Huckbees 2004David O. Russell 2004ComedyDVD
10353I Live in FearAkira Kurosawa1955ForeignDVD
10304I Live in Fear 1955Akira Kurosawa1955ForeignDVD
9512I Vitelloni 1953 Federico Fellini1953ComedyDVD
10088I Was Born, But...Yasujiro Ozu 1932ComedyDVD
10391I, RobotAlex Proyas2004ActionDVD
9200Ice Age 2002 Chris Wedge2002FamilyDVD
10647Ice Age: Continental DriftSteve Martino, Michael Thurmier2012AnimationDVD
10768Ice PrincessTim Fywell2005ComedyDVD
9767Ice Storm, The 1997Ang Lee1997DramaDVD
10345IkiruAkira Kurosawa1952ForeignDVD
9086Ikiru 1952 Akira Kurosawa 1952DramaDVD
10832I'll See You in My DreamsMichael Curtiz1951MusicalDVD
101311Imposter, TheBart Layton2012DocumentaryDVD
10313In a World...Lake Bell2013ComedyDVD
8228In America 2002Jim Sheridan 2002FamilyDVD
9384In Dreams 1999Neil Jordan1999DramaDVD
9561In Good Company 2004Paul Weitz2004ComedyDVD
9429In the Bedroom 2001Todd Field 2001CrimeDVD
8188In the Company of MenNeil Labute1997ComedyDVD
10031In the Heat of the NightNorman Jewison1967CrimeDVD
9600In The Mood For Love 2000 Kar Wai Wong 2000DramaDVD
8246In the Name of the Father 1998Jim Sheridan1998DramaDVD
9877In the Realms of the Unreal 20Jessica Yu 2004DocumentaryDVD
10380InceptionChristopher Nolan2010ActionDVD
10185Inch'Allah DimancheYamina Benguigui2001DocumentaryDVD
9729Incident at Loch Ness 2004 Zak Penn2004AdventureDVD
9225Independence Day 1996 Roland Emmerich 1996ActionDVD
10206Independent's Day; (SunDance)Marina Zenovich1998DocumentaryDVD
10538Indiana Jones and the Last CruSteven Spielberg1989ActionDVD
8177Indiana Jones and the Raiders Steven Spielberg1981ActionDVD
10539Indiana Jones and the Temple oSteven Spielberg1984ActionDVD
10697Indiana Jones: Bonus Material2003DocumentaryDVD
10526Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Steven Spielberg1981ActionDVD
8375IndieDVD Fusion OneVarious2000CompilationDVD
10168IndigoStephen Simon2003DramaDVD
9914Infernal Affairs 2002 Wai KeunWai keung Lau 2002ForeignDVD
10357Inglorious BasterdsQuentin Tarantino2009ActionDVD
9087Insider, The 1999 Michael Mann 1999DramaDVD
10388InterstellarChristopher Nolan2014Science FictionDVD
10053Interview with the VampireNeil Jordan 1994DramaDVD
9635Intolerance 1916 D.W. Griffith1916DramaDVD
9780Invasion of the Body SnatchersPhillip Kaufman 1978HorrorDVD
8027Invasion of the Body SnatchersDon Siegel1955HorrorDVD
9492Iron Giant, The 1999 Brad Bird1999AnimationDVD
10066Iron Jawed AngelsKatja Von Garnier 2004DramaDVD
9682Iron Monkey 2004 Yuen Woo-ping2004ActionDVD
10462Islands in the StreamFranklin J. Schaffner1977DramaDVD
10467Islands in the StreamFranklin J. Schaffner1977DramaDVD
9748It Happened One Night 1934 Frank Capra 1934ComedyDVD
10424It Happened to JaneRichard Quine2004ComedyDVD
10675It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad WorlStanley Kramer1963AdventureDVD
10677It’s A Wondeful LifeFrank Capra1946DramaDVD
10623It’s A Wonderful LifeFrank Capra 1946DramaDVD
8198It’s A Wonderful LifeFrank Capra 1946DramaDVD
9465Italian For Beginners 2000 Lone Scherfig2000ComedyDVD
9735Ivan the Terrible 1946 Sergei M. Eisenstein 1946HistoryDVD
10022J.A.G. Complete First SeasonVarious 1995TelevisionDVD
8510Jack BennyComedyDVD
9292Jackie Brown 1997 Quentin Tarantino 1997CrimeDVD
10245JackpotMichael Polish2001DramaDVD
10661James Stewart: Screen Legend CVarious2007DramaDVD
10867Jane Austen's EmmaJohn Glenister1972DramaDVD
10859Jane Austen's Mansfield ParkDavid Giles1986DramaDVD
10834Jane Austen's Northanger AbbeyGiles Foster1987TelevisionDVD
10857Jane Austen's PersuasionHoward Baker1971DramaDVD
10851Jane Austen's Pride and PrejudCyril Coke1985DramaDVD
10861Jane Austen's Sense and SensibRodney Bennett1981DramaDVD
8235JawsSteven Spielberg1975ThrillerDVD
9088JawsSteven Spielberg 1975ThrillerDVD
10684Jaws (30th Anniversary Ed.)Steven Spielberg1975ThrillerDVD
8342Jazz Singer, The 1927Alan Crosland1927DramaDVD
10067Jeremiah JohnsonSydney Pollack 1972DramaDVD
10496Jeremiah JohnsonSydney Pollack1972WesternDVD
9089Jerry Maguire 1996 Cameron Crowe1996ComedyDVD
9304Jesus of Montreal 1989 Denys ADenys Arcand 1989DramaDVD
10678Jesus of NazarethFranco Zeffirelli1977DramaDVD
9262Jesus' Son 1999 Alison MacLean 1999DramaDVD
9090JFK 1991 Oliver Stone1991DramaDVD
10584Jitensha (Bicycle)Dean Yamada2009DramaDVD
10176Joe the KingFrank Whaley1991DramaDVD
101342John Candy: Comedy FavoritesVariousVariousComedyDVD
9814Jonathan Glazer, The Work of DJonathan Glazer2005DocumentaryDVD
10267JoshuaJon Purdy2002DramaDVD
9749Jules and Jim 1962 Francois Truffaut 1962DramaDVD
9251Juliet of the Spirits 1965 Federico Felliini 1965ComedyDVD
8259Junebug 2006Phil Morrison 2006ComedyDVD
9746Jungle Fever 1991 Spike Lee1991DramaDVD
9967Junior Bonner 1972 Sam PeckinpSam Peckinpah1972WesternDVD
8401JunoJason Reitman2007DramaDVD
10725JunoJason Reitman2007DramaDVD
9862Jupiter's Wife 1995 Michel NegMichael Negroponte 1995DocumentaryDVD
100310Jurassic ParkSteven Spielberg1993AdventureDVD
8489Just Go With ItDennis Dugan2011ComedyDVD
10562Just Like HeavenMark Waters2005ComedyDVD
10182Kaaterskill FallsJosh Apter, Peter Olsen2001ThrillerDVD
10347KagemushaAkira Kurosawa1980ForeignDVD
10299Kagemusha 1980Akira Kurosawa1948ForeignDVD
9466Kandahar 2001 Mohsen Makhmalbaf2001DocumentaryDVD
10755Karla Faye Tucker: ForevermoreHelen Gibson2004DramaDVD
8418Kate and LeopoldJames Mangold2002RomanceDVD
9061Kid Stays in the Picture, The Nanette Burstein, Brett Morgen2002DocumentaryDVD
9318Kiki's Delivery Service 1989 Hayao Miyazaki 1989AnimationDVD
9698Kill Bill Vol. Two 2004 Quentin Tarantino2004CrimeDVD
9672Killing Fields, The 1984 Roland Joffe 1984DramaDVD
9736Killing of A Chinese Bookie, TJohn Cassavetes1976CrimeDVD
9091Killing, The 1956 Stanley Kubrick 1956CrimeDVD
9330Kind hearts amd Coronets 1949 Robert Hamer1949ComedyDVD
10043King ArthurAntoine Fuqua2004ActionDVD
9892King Kong 1933 Ernest B. SchoeErnest B. Schoedsack1933AdventureDVD
8084King Kong 2005Peter Jackson2005ActionDVD
9823King of Queens, The 2002 VarioVarious 2002ComedyDVD
9346Kings of Kings, The 1927Cecil Demile 1927DramaDVD
9933Kiss Me Deadly 1955 Robert AldRobert Aldrich1955Film NoirDVD
9956Klute 1971 Alan J. PakulaAlan J. Pakula1971ThrillerDVD
9253Knife in the Water 1962 Roman Polanski 1962DramaDVD
8152Kodak Vision 2 Motion Picture 2005DVD
8211Koyaanisqatsi 1983Godfrey Reggio 1983DocumentaryDVD
9062Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of BalGodfrey Reggio1983DocumentaryDVD
9721Kung Fu Hustle 2004 Stephen Chow 2004ActionDVD
9982KwaidanMasaki Kobayashi HorrorDVD
9092L.A. Confidential 1997 Curtis Hanson1997CrimeDVD
8421La Dolce VitaFederico Fellini1960DramaDVD
10157La Dolce VitaFederico Fellini1960ComedyDVD
9448La Dolce Vita 1960Federico Fellini1960ComedyDVD
9694La Femme Nikita 1990 Luc Besson1990CrimeDVD
9940La Strada 1954 Frederico FelliFederico Fellini1954DramaDVD
10738La Vie En RoseOliver Dahan2007BiographyDVD
8093Lacombe Lucien 1974Louis Malle1974DramaDVD
9312Lady Eve, The 1941 Preston Sturges 1941ComedyDVD
9516Lady from Shanghai, The 1948 Orson Welles1948CrimeDVD
9348Ladykillers, The 1955 Alexander Mackendrick 1955ComedyDVD
9701L'Age D'Or 1930 Luis Brunuel1930ComedyDVD
8029Lancelot of the Lake Robert Bresson1974DramaDVD
8318Land of PlentyWim Wenders2004DramaDVD
8019Land of Silence and Darkness 11971DVD
8343Landmarks of Early Film 1902Alice Guy, Georges Melies 1902ActionDVD
9365Lantana 2001Ray Lawrence2001DramaDVD
9387Last Castle, The 2001 Rod Lurie2001ActionDVD
9517Last Emperor, The 1987 Bernardo Bertolucci1987DramaDVD
8172Last House on the Left, The 19Wes Craven1972HorrorDVD
9630Last Laugh, The 1924F.W. Murnau1924DramaDVD
9325Last Picture Show, The 1971 Peter Bogdanovich 1971DramaDVD
9093Last Temptation of Christ, TheMartin Scorsese 1988DramaDVD
9624Last Waltz, The 1978 Martin Scorsese1978DocumentaryDVD
9327Last Wave, The 1977 Peter Weir 1977DramaDVD
9194L'Atalante 1934 Jean Vigo1934DramaDVD
9602Laura 1944Otto Preminger1944CrimeDVD
8208Laura 1944Otto Preminger, Rouben Mamoulian 1944ComedyDVD
9351Lavender Hill Mob, The 1951 Charles Crichton 1951ComedyDVD
9249L'Avventura 1960Michelangelo Antonioni 1960DramaDVD
9818Law & Order (screener) 2002 VaVarious2002CrimeDVD
9820Law & Order: Criminal Intent 2Various2002CrimeDVD
9819Law & Order: Special Victims UVarious2002CrimeDVD
9094Lawrence of Arabia 1962 David Lean 1962AdventureDVD
9787LAYER CAKE 2004 Matthew Vaughn2004CrimeDVD
9477Le Cercle Rouge 1970Jean-Pierre Melville1970CrimeDVD
8477Le DivorceJames Ivory2003RomanceDVD
8312Le Grand VoyageIsmael Ferroukhi2004DramaDVD
9944Le Samourai 1967 Jean-Pierre MJean-Pierre Melville 1967ForeignDVD
9608League of their Own, A 1992Penny Marshall 1992ComedyDVD
10648Lean on MeJohn G. Avildsen1989DramaDVD
8388Left BehindVic Sarin2001DramaDVD
102340Legally BlondeRobert Luketic2001ComedyDVD
10403Legally BlondeRobert Luketic2001ComedyDVD
9564Legend of Drunken Master, The Chia-Liang Liu, Jackie Chan1994ActionDVD
9440Leon the Professional 1994 Luc Besson 1994CrimeDVD
9691Leopard, The 1963 Luchino Visconti1963DramaDVD
9553Les Salades de L'Amour: The SuVarious 2003DocumentaryDVD
8311Let the Church Say AmenDavid Petersen2004DocumentaryDVD
8112Let the Church Say, Amen 2004David Petersen2004DocumentaryDVD
10050Letters from Iwo JimaClint Eastwood 2006WarDVD
10220Liar LiarTom Shadyac1997ComedyDVD
9063Life and Passion of Christ, ThFerdinand Zecca 1907DramaDVD
9341Life and Times of Hank GreenbeAviva Kempner1999DocumentaryDVD
9681Life Aquatic, The 2005Wes Anderson 2005AdventureDVD
8075Life of Jesus 1997Bruno Dumont1997DramaDVD
10680LifeboatAlfred Hitchcock1944ThrillerDVD
8049Lifeboat 1944Alfred Hitchcock1944ThrillerDVD
10012Light and ShadowDVD
10098Like Dandelion DustJohn Gunn2010DramaDVD
10407Lilies of the FieldRalph Nelson1963DramaDVD
9095Lion King, The 1994Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff1994AnimationDVD
9946Listen to Britain and Other FiHumphrey Jennings 1942DocumentaryDVD
M0006 Little BoyAlejandro Monteverde2015DramaDVD
8239Little Children 2006Todd Field 2006DramaDVD
10541Little House on the Prairie: SBlanche Hanalis1974TelevisionDVD
8254Little Miss Sunshine 2006Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris 2006AdventureDVD
10203Little NickySteven Brill2000ComedyDVD
10673Little WomenGillian Armstrong1994DramaDVD
10271Living LuminariesSpiritual Cinema Circle2007DramaDVD
9799Local Hero 1983 Bill Forsyth1983ComedyDVD
9098Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking BGuy Ritchie 1999CrimeDVD
9924Lola Montes 1955 Max OphulsMax Ophuls 1955DramaDVD
9323Long Goodbye, The 1973Robert Altman 1973CrimeDVD
8441Long Life, Happiness and ProspMina Shum2002DramaDVD
9383Long Riders, The 1980 Walter Hill1980CrimeDVD
9326Lord of the Flies 1963Peter Brooks 1963AdventureDVD
9096Lord of the Rings: Fellowship Peter Jackson 2001ActionDVD
9336Lord of The Rings: The Return Peter Jackson 2003ActionDVD
9097Lord of the Rings: The Two TowPeter Jackson 2002ActionDVD
10188Lord of the Rings: Two TowersPeter Jackson2002FantasyDVD
101074Lord Save UsfromYour FollowersDan Merchant2008DocumentaryDVD
9725Lost Honor of Katharina Blum, Volker Schlondroff, Margarethe von Trotta 1975DramaDVD
9476Lost in La Mancha 2002 Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe2002DocumentaryDVD
8064Lost Weekend, The 1945Billy Wilder1945Film NoirDVD
9945Louisiana Story 1948 Robert J.Robert J. Flaherty 1948DocumentaryDVD
10200Love ActuallyRichard Curtis2004RomanceDVD
8060Love Actually 2003Richard Curtis2003ComedyDVD
9671Love and Basketball 2000 Gina Prince-Bythewood 2000DramaDVD
9889Love in the Ruins 1995 Scott DScott Derrickson1995DVD
9880Love Liza 2002 Todd LouisoTodd Louiso2002ComedyDVD
9552Love on the Run 1979 Francois Truffaut1979DramaDVD
9907Lovers on the Bridge, The 1991Leos Carax1991ForeignDVD
10745Love's Enduring PromiseMichael Landon Jr.2004DramaDVD
10845Love's Long JourneyMichael Landon, Jr.2005TelevisionDVD
10813Lucky MeJack Donohue1954MusicalDVD
8476LutherEric Till2003HistoryDVD
9504Luther 2003 Eric Till 2003DramaDVD
9319M*A*S*H 1969 Robert Altman1969ComedyDVD
9065M. Hulot's Holiday 1953 Jacques tati 1953ComedyDVD
9513Maborosi 1998 Hirokazu Koreeda 1998DramaDVD
8078Mad Hot Ballroom 2005Marilyn Agrelo2005DocumentaryDVD
10083Mad Max Special EditionGeorge MillerActionDVD
10048Mad Max: Beyond ThunderdomeGeorge Miller 1985ActionDVD
8332Mad Men: Season 1 2007Matthew Weiner 2007DramaDVD
9644Magic of Milies, The 1904-1908Various 1904-1908DramaDVD
9966Magnificent Seven, The 1960 JoJohn Sturges1960WesternDVD
9622Magnolia 1999 Paul Thomas Anderson 1999DramaDVD
9473Malcom X 1992 Spike Lee1992DramaDVD
9417Man and a Woman, A 1994Claude Lelouch1994DramaDVD
8210Man Bites Dog 1992Remy Belvaux, Andre Bonzel, Benoit Poelvoorde1992CrimeDVD
8002Man Bites Dog 1992 Remy Belvau1992DVD
9475Man Escaped, A 1956 Robert Bresson 1956DramaDVD
9066Man of Aran 1934 Robert FlaherRobert J. Flaherty 1934DocumentaryDVD
10244Man of FlowersPaul Cox1983DramaDVD
10790Man On FireTony Scott2004ActionDVD
101319Man On WireJames Marsh2008DocumentaryDVD
9067Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, John Ford1962DramaDVD
9973Man Who Skied Down Everest, ThBruce Nyznik and Lawrence Schiller1975DocumentaryDVD
9363Man Who Wasn't There, The 2001Joel Coen & Ethan Coen 2001CrimeDVD
9375Man Who Would Be King. The 197John Huston 1975ActionDVD
9627Man with a Movie Camera 1929 Dziga Vertov1929DocumentaryDVD
9198Manchurian Candidate, The 1962John Frankenheimer 1962DramaDVD
8503ManhattanWoody Allen1979ComedyDVD
9100Manhattan 1979 Woody Allen 1979ComedyDVD
9741Manhunter 1986Michael Mann1986CrimeDVD
10225ManitoEric Eason2002DramaDVD
8102Mantis Parable, The 2005Josh Staub2005AnimationDVD
9922March of the Penguins 2005 LucLuc Jacquet2005DocumentaryDVD
8452Marion BridgeWiebke Von Carolsfeld2005DramaDVD
9815Mark Romanek, The Work of DireMark Romanek2005DocumentaryDVD
9402Marx Brothers: Animal CrackersVictor Heerman 1930ComedyDVD
9399Marx Brothers: Bonus MaterialsLeo McCarey2004ComedyDVD
9403Marx Brothers: Cocoanuts, The Robert Florey & Joseph Santley 1929ComedyDVD
9398Marx Brothers: Duck Soup 1933 Leo McCarey 1933ComedyDVD
9400Marx Brothers: Horse Feathers Norman Z. McLeod1932ComedyDVD
9401Marx Brothers: Monkey BusinessNorman Z. McLeod 1931ComedyDVD
10810Mary PoppinsRobert Stevenson1964FamilyDVD
10807Mary PoppinsRobert Stevenson1964ActionDVD
10687Mary PoppinsRobert Stevenson1964MusicalDVD
9947Masculin Feminin 1966 Jean-LucJean-Luc Godard1966RomanceDVD
10816Master and CommanderPeter Weir2004ActionDVD
10445Master and CommanderPeter Weir2004ActionDVD
9794Master of the Flying GuillotinYu Wang1976ActionDVD
9101Matewan 1987 John Sayles 1987DramaDVD
8438MatrixThe Wachowski Brothers1999ActionDVD
9102Matrix, The 1999 Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski 1999ActionDVD
10571MaxJames O'KeeffeDramaDVD
9872Max 2002 Menno MeyjesMenno Meyjes2002DramaDVD
8386McCabe & Mrs. MillerRobert Altman1971DramaDVD
9103McCabe & Mrs. Miller 1971 Robert Altman 1971DramaDVD
8038McCarthy Years, The: Edward R.Edward R. Murrow1990DocumentaryDVD
10806McLintock!Andrew V. Mclaren1963WesternDVD
10161McLuhan's WakeDavid Sobelman2002DocumentaryDVD
102334Mean CreekJacob Aaron Estes2004DramaDVD
9104Mean Streets 1973Martin Scorsese1973CrimeDVD
9518Medium Cool 1969 Haskell Wexler1969DramaDVD
10775Meet Joe BlackMartin Brest1998DramaDVD
9790Meet John Doe 1941 Frank Capra1941ComedyDVD
10696Meet Me in St. LouisVincente Minelli1944MusicalDVD
9755Meet The Fockers 2004 Jay Roach2004ComedyDVD
9722Meet the Parents 2000 Jay Roach2000ComedyDVD
8366Meet the RobinsonsStephen J. Anderson2007ComedyDVD
8103Mel Gibson's Passion 2004Mel Gibson2004HistoryDVD
10461Melody TimeClyde Geronimi1948AnimationDVD
10512Melody TimeClyde Geronimi1948AnimationDVD
9850Melvin and Howard 1980 JonathaJonathan Demme1980ComedyDVD
10774Men In Black 3Barry Sonnenfeld2012ActionDVD
9366Men in Black II 2002Barry Sonnenfeld2002ActionDVD
101338Men In TightsMel Brooks1993AdventureDVD
9796Menace II Society 1993 The Hughes Brothers 1993CrimeDVD
9977Metallica: Some Kind of MonsteJoe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky 2004DocumentaryDVD
10368MetropolisFritz Lang1927DramaDVD
9106Metropolis 1927 Fritz Lang1927DramaDVD
9775Metropolis 2001 Osamu Tezuka 2001AdventureDVD
8088Metropolitan 1990Whit Stillman1990ComedyDVD
9675Mexican, The 2000 Gore Verbinski2000ComedyDVD
9842Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) 1Allison Anders1993CrimeDVD
9936Michel Gondry, The Work of DirMichel Gondry2003DocumentaryDVD
10084Mickey Mouse in Black and WhitWalt DisneyFamilyDVD
10085Mickey Mouse in Black and WhitWalt DisneyFamilyDVD
9942MicroCosmos 1996 Claude NuridsClaude Nuridsany 1996ForeignDVD
10421MidlothiaBill Sebastian2008DramaDVD
10372Midnight CowboyJohn Schlesinger1969DramaDVD
9890Mighty Joe Young 1949 Ernest BRon Underwood1949FamilyDVD
9388Millenium Actress 2001 Satoshi Kon2001AnimationDVD
9356Miller's Crossing 1990 Joel CoJoel Coen & Ethan Coen 1990CrimeDVD
8422Million Dollar BabyClint Eastwood2004DramaDVD
10327Million Dollar BabyClint Eastwood2004DramaDVD
9699Million Dollar Baby 2004Clint Eastwood 2004DramaDVD
8040MillionsDanny Boyle2004ComedyDVD
10283Minority ReportSteven Spielburg2002ActionDVD
10520Minority ReportSteven Spielberg2002ActionDVD
10158Minority ReportSteven Speilberg2002Science FictionDVD
9390Minority Report 2002 Steven Spielberg2002ActionDVD
101339MiracleGavin O'Connor2004DramaDVD
10417Miracle on 34th StreetGeorge Seaton1947ComedyDVD
10786Mirror Mirror on the WallBrooke Martin2008DramaDVD
9463Mirror, The 1974 Andrey Tarkovskiy 1974DramaDVD
10195MiseryRob Reiner1990ThrillerDVD
8509Miss RepresentationJennifer Siebel Newsom2011DocumentaryDVD
10789Mission ImpossibleBrian De Palma1996ActionDVD
9108Mission, The 1986Roland Joffe 1986AdventureDVD
8139Mission: Impossible -2 2000John Woo2000ActionDVD
9109Modern Times 1936 Charlie Chaplin 1936ComedyDVD
10752Molly: An American Girl on theJoyce Chopra2006DramaDVD
9247Mon Oncle 1958 Jacques Tati 1958ComedyDVD
10197Money TalksBrett Ratner1997ComedyDVD
10537MoneyballBennett Miller2011BiographyDVD
10805Monsoon WeddingMira Nair2002DramaDVD
9491Monsoon Wedding 2002 Mira Nair 2002ComedyDVD
9311Monster 2003Patty Jenkins2003CrimeDVD
10759Monsters vs. AliensRob Letterman, Conrad Vernon2009AnimationDVD
9110Monty Python and the Holy GraiTerry Gilliam, Terry Jones1974AdventureDVD
10145Monty Python: Life of BrianTerry Jones 1979ComedyDVD
9509Monty Python's The Meaning of Terry Jones 1983ComedyDVD
10092Moon 20092009DVD
10179MoonstruckNorman Jewison1987RomanceDVD
10023More American GraffittiBill L. Norton1979ComedyDVD
10273More Red Skelton ShowsComedyDVD
10753More Than Dreams2006DocumentaryDVD
10840More Than Dreams2006DocumentaryDVD
10280MorlangTjebbo Penning2001DramaDVD
9615Morvern Callar 2001 Lynne Ramsay 2001DramaDVD
8158Mosquito Coast, The 1986Peter Weir1986AdventureDVD
10819MostBobby Garabedian2004DramaDVD
8145Mother and Son 1997Aleksandr Sokurov1997DramaDVD
9791Motorcycle Diaries, The 2004 Walter Salles 2004AdventureDVD
10642Moulin Rouge!/West Side StoryBaz Luhrmann/Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins2001/1961MusicalDVD
9919Mountain of Fire: The Search fJohn Schmidt 2002DocumentaryDVD
9588Mr. & Mrs. Smith 1941 Alfred Hitchcock1941ComedyDVD
8109Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall oErrol Morris1999DocumentaryDVD
8206Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1936Frank Capra 1936ComedyDVD
9789Mr. Deeds Goes To Town 1936Frank Capra 1936ComedyDVD
10712Mr. Hobbs Takes a VacationHenry Koster1962ComedyDVD
9659Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1Frank Capra1939DramaDVD
10632Mulan IIDarrell Rooney, Lynne Southerland2004AnimationDVD
8062Mullholland Dr. 2001David Lynch2001CrimeDVD
10166MumfordLawrence Kasdan1999RomanceDVD
8134Munich 2005Steven Spielberg2005DramaDVD
8044Murder on a Sunday MorningJean-Xavier de Lestrade2001CrimeDVD
9917Murder on the Orient Express 1Sydney Lumet 1974MysteryDVD
9921Murderball 2005 Henry Alex RubHenry Alex Rubin2005DocumentaryDVD
8092Murmur of the Heart 1971Louis Malle1971DramaDVD
8184Mutiny on the Bounty 1935Lewis Milestone, Carol Reed1935AdventureDVD
8026My Architect: A Son's Journey Nathaniel Kahn2003DocumentaryDVD
9321My Darling Clementine 1946 John Ford 1946DramaDVD
8032My Date With DrewJon Gunn, Brian Herzlinger, Brett Winn2004DocumentaryDVD
10788My Dream is YoursMichael Curtiz1949ComedyDVD
10582My Fair LadyGeorge Cukor1964DramaDVD
8189My Fair Lady 1964George Cukor1964DramaDVD
9519My Family 1995 Gregory Nava1995DramaDVD
9230My Friend Flicka 1943Alain Resnais 1943FamilyDVD
9925My Life as a Dog 1985 Lasse HaLasse Halstrom 1985ForeignDVD
9870My Son the FanaticUdayan Prasd1997RomanceDVD
9460My Voyage to Italy 1999 MartinMartin Scorsese1999DocumentaryDVD
10689Mystic Pizza/Someone Like YouDonald Petre/Tony Goldwyn/Rob Reiner1988/2001/1989Romantic ComedyDVD
9290Mystic River 2003Clint Eastwood 2003CrimeDVD
10233Nacho LibreJared Hess2006ComedyDVD
10292Nacho LibreJared Hess2006ComedyDVD
9469Naked Kiss, The 1964 Samuel Fuller1964CrimeDVD
9537Naked Lunch 1991 David Cronenberg1991DramaDVD
9664Nancy Drew ... Reporter 1939 WWilliam Clemens 1939ComedyDVD
10291Nanny McPheeKirk Jones2006FantasyDVD
10086NapoleonAbel GanceHistoryDVD
10204Napoleon DynamiteJared Hess2004ComedyDVD
101344Napoleon DynamiteJared Hess2004ComedyDVD
8352Napoleon Dynamite Jared Hess2004ComedyDVD
8357Napoleon DynamiteJared Hess2004ComedyDVD
9443Napoleon Dynamite 2004 Jared Hess2004ComedyDVD
8085Naqoyqatsi: Life As War 2002Godfrey Reggio2002DocumentaryDVD
9881Narc 2002 Joe CarnahanJoe Carnahan2002CrimeDVD
9520Nashville 1975 Robert Altman1975DramaDVD
10578National TreasureJon Turteltaub2004ActionDVD
10397National TreasureSunu Gonera2004ActionDVD
10716National Treasure 2: Book of SJon Turteltaub2007ActionDVD
10044Natural Born KillersOliver Stone 1994CrimeDVD
10573Nefarious Merchant of SoulsBenjamin Nolot2012DocumentaryDVD
100311NetworkSidney Lumet1976DramaDVD
9112Network 1976 Sidney Lumet1976DramaDVD
M0010 Never a NeverlandRicky Norris2014DocumentaryDVD
10530Never So FewJohn Sturges1959WarDVD
9950Never So Few 1959 John SturgesJohn Sturges1959ActionDVD
8101New World, The 2005Terrence Malick2005DramaDVD
9665News at Eleven 1985 Mike Robe 1985DramaDVD
9669News Bloopers 19991999DVD
9662News Media Convergence the Key2004DVD
9220Nicholas Nickleby 2002 Douglas McGrath 2002DramaDVD
9069Night and Fog 1956 Alain Resnais 1956HorrorDVD
8214Night and Fog 1956Alain Resnais 1956DramaDVD
9583Night and the City 1950 Jules Dassin1950CrimeDVD
10205Night Court; First Season John Larroquette2005ComedyDVD
8132Night Moves 1975Arthur Penn1975CrimeDVD
9113Night of the Hunter 1955Charles Laughton, Robert Mitchum, Terry Sanders1955DramaDVD
8330Night of the Living Dead 2004Jeff Broadstreet2004HorrorDVD
9231Nights of Cabiria 1957 Federico Fellini 1957DramaDVD
10187Nine LivesRodrigo Garcia2005DramaDVD
10360No Country for Old MenEthan Coen, Joel Coen2007DramaDVD
9827No Direction Home: Bob Dylan 2Martin Scorsese2005DocumentaryDVD
8454No EscapeMartin Campbell1994ActionDVD
9378No Man's Land 2001 Danis Tanovic 2001DramaDVD
10349No Regrets For Our YouthAkira Kurosawa1946ForeignDVD
10300No Regrets for Our Youth 1946Akira Kurosawa1946ForeignDVD
101310No Subtitles Necessary: LaszloJames Chressanthis2008DocumentaryDVD
10549No Way OutRoger Donaldson1987ActionDVD
8090No Way Out 1950Joseph L. Mankiewicz1950DramaDVD
8129Nobody Knows 2004Hirokazu Koreeda2004DramaDVD
10016Nora Breaks FreeGabriel Renfro 2007ComedyDVD
8534Nora Breaks FreeGabriel Renfro2007ComedyDVD
9782Norma Rae 1979 Martin Ritt1979DramaDVD
10128North by NorthwestAlfred Hitchcock 1959AdventureDVD
9595North by Northwest 1959Alfred Hitchcock1959AdventureDVD
9578Northfork 2003 Michael Polish2003DramaDVD
9070Nosferatu 1929F.W. Murnau1929FantasyDVD
10631Not Easily BrokenBill Duke2009DramaDVD
9307Nothing But A Man 1950 Michael Roemer 1950DramaDVD
101315NotoriousAlfred Hitchcock1946DramaDVD
10328O Brother, Where Art Thou?Joel Coen, Ethan Coen2000AdventureDVD
10649October BabyAndrew Erwin, Jon Erwin2012DramaDVD
10594October SkyJoe Johnston1999DramaDVD
9661Odessa File, The 1974 Ronald Neame 1974DramaDVD
9406Odessa File, The 2000David Gordon Green2000DramaDVD
10843Of Mice and MenLewis Milestone1939DramaDVD
8050Office Space 1999Mike Judge1999ComedyDVD
8370Oh, God! Book IIGilbert Cates1980ComedyDVD
8369Oh, God! You DevilPaul Bogart1984ComedyDVD
10071Old Wives For New/The WhisperiCecile B. DeMille 1918DramaDVD
8226Old YellerRobert Stevenson 1957FamilyDVD
8169Oldboy 2003Chan-wook Park2003DramaDVD
10592On Gold PondMark Rydell1981DramaDVD
10803On Moonlight BayRoy Del Ruth1951DVD
101313On The WaterfrontElia Kazan1954CrimeDVD
9435On the Waterfront 1954Elia Kazan1954CrimeDVD
8364OnceJohn Carney2006RomanceDVD
9362Once Upon A Time In America 19Sergio Leone 1984CrimeDVD
9115Once Upon a Time In the West 1Sergio Leone 1969WesternDVD
8111One Day in September 1999Kevin Macdonald1999DocumentaryDVD
10714One Fine Day/The Truth About CMichael Hoffman/Michael Lehman/Alfonso Arau1996/1996/1995 Romantic ComedyDVD
9116One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NesMilos Forman 1975DramaDVD
9219One Hour Photo 2002 Mark Roman 2002DramaDVD
10610One Night with the KingMichael O. Sajbel2006DramaDVD
10350One Wonderful SundayAkira Kurosawa1947ForeignDVD
10301One Wonderful Sunday 1947Akira Kurosawa1947ForeignDVD
9470Open Your Eyes (Abre Los Ojos)Alejandro Amenabar1997DramaDVD
8066Ordet 1955Carl Theodor Dreyer1955DramaDVD
9117Ordinary People 1980 Robert Redford1980DramaDVD
9637Orphans of the Storm 1921D.W. Griffith 1921DramaDVD
9236Orpheus 1949 Jean Cocteau 1949FantasyDVD
9487Osama 2003 Siddiq Barmak2003DramaDVD
8306OT: Our TownScott Hamilton Kenedy2002DocumentaryDVD
10231OT:our TownScott Hamilton Kennedy2005DocumentaryDVD
8113OT:Our Town 2002Scott Hamilton Kennedy2002DocumentaryDVD
8130Our Daily Bread 1934King Vidor1934DramaDVD
10333Our HouseGreg King, David Teague2010DocumentaryDVD
10451Out of AfricaSydney Pollack1985DramaDVD
10477Out of AfricaSydney Pollack1985DramaDVD
9488Out of Sight 1998 Steven Soderbergh 1998ActionDVD
9266Out of the Past 1947 Warren Duff1947DramaDVD
10576Over California in HD2008DocumentaryBlu-ray
10710Over California in HD2008DocumentaryBlu-ray
9756Ox-Bow Incident, The 1943 William A. Wellman 1943CrimeDVD
8511Page One: Inside the New York Andrew Rossi2011DocumentaryDVD
8345Panasonic AH-HMC150 DVDDVD
10605Panic RoomDavid Fincher2002ThrillerDVD
8251Pan's Labyrinth 2006Guillermo del Toro 2006DramaDVD
9499Paper Moon 1973 Peter Bogdanovich 1973ComedyDVD
9953Papillon 1973 Franklin J. SchaFranklin J. Schaffner 1973CrimeDVD
9777Paradise Lost 2: Revelations 2Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky 2000DocumentaryDVD
9868Paradise Lost: The Child MurdeJoe Berlinger 1996DocumentaryDVD
8140Paradise Now 2005Hany Abu-Assad2005CrimeDVD
9650Parallex View, The 1974 Alan J. Pakula 1974ThrillerDVD
9806Parent Trap, The 1961 David SDavid Swift 1961FamilyDVD
10284ParenthoodRon Howard1989ComedyDVD
10765Paris Je T'aime Olivier Assayas, Frédéric Auburtin et al.2006ComedyDVD
10611Paris, Je T’AimeOlivier Assayas, Frédéric Auburtin, et al.2006Romantic ComedyDVD
9258Paris, Texas 1984 Wim Wenders1984DramaDVD
8424Particles of TruthJennifer Elster2003DramaDVD
10089Passing FancyYasujiro Ozu 1933DramaDVD
9099Passion of Joan of Arc, The 19Carl Theodor Dreyer 1928DramaDVD
9261Passion of the Christ, The 200Mel Gibson 2004DramaDVD
8256Passion of the Christ, The 200Mel Gibson 2004DramaDVD
9281Passion of the Jew, The 2004 Matt Stone2004DVD
9433Pat and Mike 1952 George Cukor 1952ComedyDVD
8131Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid 19Sam Peckinpah1973DramaDVD
10282Patch AdamsTom Shadyac 1998ComedyDVD
9071Pather Panchali 1955Satyajit Ray 1955DramaDVD
10823Paths of Glory Stanley Kubrick1957WarDVD
9524Paths of Glory 1957 Stanley Kubrick 1957DramaDVD
10636PattonFranklin J. Schaffner1970WarBlu-ray
8181PattonFranklin J. Schaffner1970WarDVD
10408PattonFranklin J. Schaffner1970WarDVD
10411Pay It ForwardMimi Leder2000DramaDVD
10779Pay It ForwardMimi Leder2000DramaDVD
8138Payback 1999Brian Helgeland1999ActionDVD
10654Peace Child1974ShortDVD
10544Peace Child1974ShortDVD
9703Peacemaker, The 1998 Mimi Leder1998ActionDVD
9733Pelican Brief, The 1993 Alan J. Pakula 1993CrimeDVD
9724Perfect World, A 1993Clint Eastwood 1993CrimeDVD
8122Permanent Record 1988Marisa Silver1988DramaDVD
9848Personal Journey with Martin SMartin Scorses1995DocumentaryDVD
9204Personal Velocity 2002 Rebecca Miller2002DramaDVD
9898Peter Gabriel: Play 2004 MarceMarcelo Anciano 2004MusicDVD
10742Peter PanClyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske, Jack Kinney1953AnimationDVD
10266Peter PanP.J. Hogan2003FantasyDVD
10076Pete's DragonDon Chaffey 1977FamilyDVD
9202Phantom of the Opera 1943Arthur Lubin 1943DramaDVD
8114Philadelphia 1993Jonathan Demme1993DramaDVD
9118Philadelphia Story, The 1940 George Cukor1940ComedyDVD
8393PiDarren Aronofsky1998Science FictionDVD
9259Pianist, The 2003Roman Polanski 2003DramaDVD
9852Piano, The 1993 Jane CampionJane Campion1993DramaDVD
9978Pickpocket 1959 Robert BressonRobert Bresson 1959CrimeDVD
9935Pickup on South Street 1953 SaSamuel Fuller1953Film NoirDVD
10254Pieces of AprilPeter Hedges2003ComedyDVD
9938Pieces of April 2003 Peter HedPeter Hedges 2003DramaDVD
10032Pink Panther Collection2008DVD
10164PinocchioBen Sharpsteen, Hamilton Luske, Norman Ferguson, T. Hee1940AnimationDVD
10548PinoccioBen Sharpsteen1940AnimationDVD
10317Pirates of the Caribbean: The Gore Verbinski2003AdventureDVD
10546Pirates of the Carribean: DeadGore Verbinski2006ActionDVD
101346Pirates of the Carribean: DeadGore Verbinski2006ActionDVD
8168Place in the Sun, A 1951George Stevens1951DramaDVD
10563Places in the HeartRobert Benton2009DramaDVD
9209Planet of the Apes 1968 Franklin J. Schaffner1968AdventureDVD
9213Planet of the Apes, Battle ForJ. Lee Thompson 1973ActionDVD
9214Planet of the Apes, Behind theDavid Comitos 1998ActionDVD
9210Planet of the Apes, Beneath thTed Post1970ActionDVD
9212Planet of the Apes, Conquest oJ. Lee Thompson 1972ActionDVD
9211Planet of the Apes, Escape FroDon Taylor 1971ActionDVD
8309Planet TerrorRobert Rodriguez2007ActionDVD
9119Platoon 1986 Oliver Stone1986ActionDVD
10423Play it Again SamHerbert Ross1972ComedyDVD
10294PleasantvilleGary Ross1999DramaDVD
9444Pleasantville 1998 Gary Ross1998ComedyDVD
8123Plymptoons 1990Bill Plympton 1990DocumentaryDVD
10795Pocohontas Mike Gabriel, Eric Goldberg1995AnimationDVD
9704Point Blank 1967John Boorman1967CrimeDVD
10218Porco RossoHayao Miyazaki2005AnimationDVD
8120Porco Rosso 1992Hayao Miyazaki1992AnimationDVD
9428Pow Wow Highway 1988 Jonathan Wacks 1988DramaDVD
8119Powaqqatsi 1988Godfrey Reggio1988DocumentaryDVD
8069Power and the Land 1940Joris Ivens1940DocumentaryDVD
10396PrideSunu Gonera2007DramaDVD
8502Pride and PrejudiceJoe Wright2005RomanceDVD
9707Primer 2004 Shane Carruth2004DramaDVD
10787Prince CaspianAndrew Adamson1990TelevisionDVD
8500Prince of Egypt, TheBrenda Chapman1998AnimationDVD
9349Princess and The Warrior, The Tom Tykwer2000DramaDVD
9423Princess Bride, The 1987Rob Reiner 1987AdventureDVD
9618Princess Mononoke 1997Hayao Miyazaki 1997AnimationDVD
8149Pro Tools Method One 2005Eddie Heidenreich, Tom Eaton2005DocumentaryDVD
9379Producers, The 1968 Mel Brooks1968ComedyDVD
8437Project Greenlight2001TelevisionDVD
10296Project GreenlightMultiple2003ComedyDVD
9452Project Greenlight 2nd Season Alex Keledjian 2003TelevisionDVD
9450Psycho 1960 Alfred Hitchcock1960HorrorDVD
9121Psycho 1999 Gus Van Sant1999HorrorDVD
10322Public EnemiesMichael Mann2009CrimeDVD
9208Punch Drunk Love 2002 Paul Thomas Anderson 2002ComedyDVD
9912Purple Noon 1960 Rene ClementRene Clement 1960ThrillerDVD
9123Purple Rose of Cairo, The 1984Woody Allen 1984ComedyDVD
8478Purple State of MindJohn Marks2008DocumentaryDVD
8485Pushing Daisies: The Complete Allan Kroeker2007ComedyDVD
9316Que Viva Mexico 1931 Sergeo M. Eisenstein 1931DocumentaryDVD
9239Quiet American, The 2002 Phillip Noyce 2002DramaDVD
8118Quiz Show 1994Robert Redford1994DramaDVD
101340RadioMichael Tollin2003DramaDVD
9536Raging Bull 1980 Martin Scorse1980DramaDVD
10026Rain ManBarry Levinson 1988DramaDVD
10603Rain ManBarry Levinson1988DramaDVD
102342Raising HelenGarry Marshall2004ComedyDVD
10344RanAkira Kurosawa1985ForeignDVD
9125Ran 1985 Akira Kurosawa 1985ActionDVD
10330RangoGore Verbinski2011AnimationDVD
10223RankJohn Hyams2006WesternDVD
10214Rap's Hawaii2003ComedyDVD
10342RashomonAkira Kurosawa1950ForeignDVD
9126Rashomon 1950 Akira Kurosawa 1950CrimeDVD
10483RatatouilleBrad Bird2008AnimationDVD
10763RatatouilleBrad Bird2008AnimationDVD
9692Ratchatcher 1999 Lynne Ramsay1999DramaDVD
10181RayTaylor Hackford2004MusicDVD
9534Ray 2004 Taylor Hackford2004DramaDVD
9127Rear Window 1954 Alfred Hitchcock 1954MysteryDVD
8336Rear Window 1954Alfred Hitchcock1954MysteryDVD
10628Rebel Without a CauseNicholas Ray 1955DramaDVD
10679Rebel Without a CauseNicholas Ray 1955DramaDVD
9128Rebel Without a CauseNicholas Ray 1955DramaDVD
10692Rebellion of ThoughtThe Brothers Williamson2006DocumentaryDVD
9072Red 1994 Krzysztof Kieslowski 1994DramaDVD
10340Red Beard (Akahige)Akira Kurosawa1966ActionDVD
9129Red Beard 1965 Akira Kurosawa 1965DramaDVD
8105Red River 1948Howard Hawks, Arthur Rosson1948ActionDVD
10199Red Skelton; Three Half-Hour SComedyDVD
10251Refined: The Ultimate ExtremeIvan van Vuuren2007AdventureDVD
10812Regent Pictures: Vol 1. RomantVarious2003Romantic ComedyDVD
10820Regent Pictures: Vol 2. ClassiVarious2003DramaDVD
10830Regent Pictures: Vol 3. SweeteVarious2003DocumentaryDVD
10821Regent Pictures: Vol 4. FantasVarious2003DramaDVD
9130Remains of the Day, The 1991 James Ivory 1991DramaDVD
10615Remembering Ronald Reagan at HDocumentaryDVD
9131Requiem For a Dream 2000 Darren Aronofsky 2000DramaDVD
8394Reservoir DogsQuentin Tarantino1992CrimeDVD
101314RestrepoTim Hetherington, Sebastian Junger2010DocumentaryDVD
10323Return to MeBonnie Hunt2000ComedyDVD
10432Return to Never LandRobin Budd, Donovan Cook2002AnimationDVD
9455Return, The 2003 Andrey Zvyagintsev2003DramaDVD
10060Reverend Billy and the Church Dietmar Post 2006DocumentaryDVD
10480RevolutionHugh Hudson1985AdventureDVD
10606RevolutionHugh Hudson1985AdventureDVD
10191Revolutionary RoadSam Mendes2009DramaDVD
8052Ride with the Devil 1999Ang Lee1999DramaDVD
9404Ring, The 2003Gore Verbinski 2003HorrorDVD
8303Ringer, TheBarry W. Blaustein2005ComedyDVD
9391Ringu 1998 Hideo Nakata1998HorrorDVD
8098Rio Bravo 1959Howard Hawks1959WesternDVD
9785Risky Business 1983 Paul Brickman1983ComedyDVD
9718River, the 1951 Jean Renoir1951DVD
9461Rivers and Tides 2004 Thomas Riedelsheimer 2004DocumentaryDVD
9886Rize 2005 David laChapelleDavid LaChappelle2005DocumentaryDVD
9201Road to Perdition 2002 Sam Mendes2002CrimeDVD
9133Road Warrior, The 1981 George Miller1981ActionDVD
10228Roads to KoktebelBoris Khlebnikov2005DramaDVD
9998Rock 'N' Roll High School 1979Allan Arkush 1979ComedyDVD
9508Rock, The 1996 Michael Bay1996ActionDVD
9494Rocky 1976 John G. Avildsen1976ActionDVD
8012Rocky Horror Picture Show, The1975DVD
9134Roger & Me 1989 Michael MooreMichael Moore1989DocumentaryDVD
10014RollercoasterJames Goldstone 1977ThrillerDVD
10626Roman HolidayWilliam Wyler1953Romantic ComedyDVD
9904Roman Holiday 1953 William WylWilliam Wyler 1953ComedyDVD
10740Romance on the High SeasMichael Curtiz1948ComedyDVD
9783Romancing the Stone 1984Robert Zemeckis 1984ActionDVD
9135Romeo + Juliet 1997 Baz Luhrmann1997DramaDVD
8051Romper Stomper 1992Geoffrey Wright1992ActionDVD
9207Rookie, The 2002John Lee Hancock 2002DramaDVD
8398RoseHoku Uchiyama2006ThrillerDVD
10336RoxanneFred Schepisi1987ComedyDVD
9711Royal Tenenbaums, The 2002 Wes Anderson 2002ComedyDVD
9604Rudy 1993 David Anspaugh1993DramaDVD
9137Rules of the Game, The 1939 Jean Renoir 1939ComedyDVD
9077Run Lola Run 1999 Tom Tykwer1999CrimeDVD
10490Run Silent, Run DeepRobert Wise1958WarDVD
10492Run Silent, Run DeepRobert Wise1958WarDVD
10170Rush HourBrett Ratner1998ActionDVD
8382Rush HourBrett Ratner1998ComedyDVD
8319Rush Hour 2Brett Ratner2001ComedyDVD
10169RushmoreWes Anderson1998ComedyDVD
9468Russian Ark 2002 Aleksandr Sokurov2002DVD
10835RVBarry Sonnenfeld2006ComedyDVD
10702RVBarry Sonnenfeld2006ComedyDVD
8317Sabotage/The LodgerAlfred Hitchcock1937CrimeDVD
9139Sacrifice, The 1988 Andrey Tarkovskiy 1988DramaDVD
9577Safe 1995Todd Haynes1995DramaDVD
10495Safe HavenLasse Hallstrom2013RomanceDVD
10558Safe HavenLasse Hallström2013RomanceDVD
10560Saints and SoldiersRyan Little2003ActionDVD
10598Saints and SoldiersRyan Little2003ActionDVD
9854Salaam Bombay 1988 Mira NairMira Nair1988ForeignDVD
9140Salesman 1968 David Mysles 1968DocumentaryDVD
9798Salt of the Earth 1954 Herbert J. Biberman 1954DramaDVD
8125Saraband 2003Ingmar Bergman2003DramaDVD
9331Saved 2004 Brian Dannelly2004ComedyDVD
8473Saved!Brian Dannelly2004ComedyDVD
9141Saving Private RyanSteven Spielberg 1998ActionDVD
9558Saving Private RyanSteven Spielberg1998ActionDVD
10630Saving Private RyanSteven Spielberg1998ActionDVD
9142Say Anything 1989 Cameron Crow 1989ComedyDVD
10351Scandal (Shubun)Akira Kurosawa1950ForeignDVD
10302Scandal 1950Akira Kurosawa1950ForeignDVD
9829Scarface 1983 Brian De PalmaBrian de Palma1983CrimeDVD
9702Scarlet Empress, The 1934 Josef von Sternberg1934DramaDVD
8001Scarlet Pimpernel, The 1934 Ha1934DVD
9441Scent of Green Papaya, The 199Ann Dung Tran 1993DramaDVD
8165Schindler's List 1993Steven Spielberg1993DramaDVD
9569Schizopolis 1996 Steven Soderbergh 1996ComedyDVD
8320School of RockRichard Linklater2003ComedyDVD
10217ScrappedWes Tomsen2006DocumentaryDVD
8262Scream 1996Wes Craven 1996HorrorDVD
9824Scrubs (screener) 2002 VariousBill Lawrence 2002ComedyDVD
10276Scrubs; season 1Michael Spiller et al.2001ComedyDVD
9145Se7en 1995 David Fincher 1995CrimeDVD
9846Seabiscuit 2003 Gary RossGary Ross2003DramaDVD
9923Seance on a Wet Afternoon 1964Bryan Forbes1964CrimeDVD
9143Searchers, The 1956John Ford 1956ActionDVD
8086Searching for Debra Winger 200Rosanna Arquette2002DocumentaryDVD
10608Secondhand LionsTim McCanlies2003Dramatic ComedyDVD
9345Seconds 1966 John Frankenheime 1966Science FictionDVD
9960Secret of Roan Inish, The 1994John Sayles1994DramaDVD
9579Secrets & Lies 1996 Mike Leigh1996ComedyDVD
9990Selena 1997 Gregory NavaGregory Nava 1997DramaDVD
8335Sense and Sensibility 1995Ang Lee1995DramaDVD
9186Serpico 1973Sidney Lumet 1973CrimeDVD
9267Set-Up, The 1949 Robert Wise1949Film NoirDVD
10183Seven SamuraiAkira Kurosawa1954ActionDVD
9146Seven Samurai 1954 Akira Kurosawa 1954ActionDVD
10354Seven SamuriAkira Kurosawa1954ForeignDVD
9252Seventh Seal, The 1957 Ingmar Bergman 1957DramaDVD
10529Sex and the City: The MovieMichael Patrick King2008Romantic ComedyDVD
9381Sexy Beast 2000 Jonathan Glaze2000CrimeDVD
10622ShadowlandsRichard Attenborough1993DramaDVD
9740Shadows 1959 John Cassavetes1959DramaDVD
10676Shakespeare in LoveJohn Madden1998Dramatic ComedyDVD
9521Shampoo 1975 Hal Ashby1975DramaDVD
9272Shane 1953 Alfred Hitchcock 1953DramaDVD
9906Shaolin Soccer 2001 Stephen ChStephen Chow2001ForeignDVD
9574Shattered Glass 2003Billy Ray2003DramaDVD
10141Shaun of the DeadEdgar White 2004ComedyDVD
9778Shaun of the Dead 2004Edgar Wright 2004ComedyDVD
9148Shawshank Redemption, The 1994Frank Darabont 1994CrimeDVD
8222Shiloh 2001Dale Rosenbloom2001DramaDVD
9149Shining, The 1980 Stanley Kubrick 1980DramaDVD
9937Shock Corridor 1963 Samuel FulSamuel Fuller1963MysteryDVD
9006Shoot the Piano Player 1960 Francois Truffaut1960CrimeDVD
10390ShooterAntoine Fuqua2007ActionDVD
10481ShopgirlAnand Tucker2005DramaDVD
10569ShopgirlAnand Tucker2005DramaDVD
10289Short 1: Iinventions1999DVD
10258Short 10 ChaosGeorge Lucas2000CompilationDVD
9514Short Cuts 1993 Robert Altman 1993ComedyDVD
9572Short Eyes 1977 Robert M. Young1977DramaDVD
9716Short presents International RVarioius 2000DocumentaryDVD
9478Short Vol. 1: Invention 1999 Various 1999DocumentaryDVD
9480Short Vol. 10: Chaos 2000 Various 2000DocumentaryDVD
9479Short Vol. 2: Dreams 2000 Varioius 2000DocumentaryDVD
9481Short Vol. 3: Authority 2000 Various 2000DocumentaryDVD
9482Short Vol. 4: Seduction 1999 Various 1999DocumentaryDVD
9483Short Vol. 5: Diversity 1999 Various 1999DocumentaryDVD
9484Short Vol. 6: Insanity 1999 Various 1999DocumentaryDVD
9485Short Vol. 8: Vision 2000 Various 2000DocumentaryDVD
10172Short Vol. 9: Trust2000CompilationDVD
9486Short Vol. 9: Trust 2000 Various2000DocumentaryDVD
8377Short: International Release 3Various2005CompilationDVD
9358Shorts! 2003 Robert Rodriguez 2003ComedyDVD
8460ShrekAndrew Adamson2001AnimationDVD
9554ShrekAndrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson2000AnimationDVD
9555Shrek 2Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury, Conrad Vernon2004AnimationDVD
10507SidewaysAlexander Payne2004Dramatic ComedyDVD
9723Sideways 2004 Alexander Payne2004ComedyDVD
10230SignsM. Night Shyamalan2002Science FictionDVD
9151Silence of the Lambs, The 1990Johnathan Demme 1990ThrillerDVD
8253Silence of the Lambs, The 1991JOnathan Demme1991ThrillerDVD
8338Silent Shakespeare 2000Kurt Easterwood 2000DramaDVD
101321Sing Over MeJacob Kindberg2014BiographyDVD
8373Singin' in the RainStanley Donen / Gene Kelly1952ComedyDVD
9152Singin' in the Rain 1951 Gene Kelly & Stanley Donen 1951ComedyDVD
10485Singin’ in the RainGene Kelley, Stanley Donen1951MusicalDVD
9415Singles 1992 Cameron Crowe1992ComedyDVD
10466Sink the Bismarck!Lewis Gilbert1960ActionDVD
9566Sister Helen 2003 Rob Fruchtman, Rebecca Cammisa 2003DocumentaryDVD
9582Sisters 1973 Brian De Palma1973HorrorDVD
9153Sixth Sense, The 1999 M. Night Shyamalan 1999DramaDVD
8202Sixth Sense, The 1999M. Night Shyamalan 1999DramaDVD
9828Sky Captain and the World of TKerry Conran2004ActionDVD
8412Sky Captain World of TomorrowJon Avnet2004Science FictionDVD
9456Slacker 1991 Richard Linklater1991ComedyDVD
8497Sleepy HollowTim Burton1999HorrorDVD
9754Sleepy Hollow 1999 Tim Burton 1999HorrorDVD
9899Sling Blade 1996 Billy Bob ThoBilly Bob Thornton1996DramaDVD
10356Slumddog MillionareDanny Boyle2008DramaDVD
9397Small Time Crooks 2000Woody Allen2000ComedyDVD
8339Smiles and Spectacles: A HarolHarold Llyod ComedyDVD
9560Smoke Signals Chris EyreComedyDVD
9535Snatch 2003Guy Ritchie2003CrimeDVD
8163Snow White and the Seven DwarfWilliam Cottrell, David Hand, Wilfred Jackson, Larry Morey. 1937AnimationDVD
9957Solaris 1972 Andrei TarkovskySteven Soderbergh1972MysteryDVD
8106Soldiers in the Army of God 20Marc Levin, Daphne Pinkerson2000DocumentaryDVD
10402Some Like it HotBilly Wilder1959DramaDVD
10226Some Like It HotBilly Wilder1959ComedyDVD
8186Some Like it Hot 1959Billy Wilder1959ComedyDVD
10401Some Like it Hot Collectors EdBilly Wilder1959RomanceDVD
9528Something Wild 1986 Jonathan Demme 1986ComedyDVD
10671Something’s Gotta GiveNancy Meyers2003Dramatic ComedyDVD
10682Something’s Gotta GiveNancy Meyers2003Dramatic ComedyDVD
10579Somewhere in TimeJannot Szwarc1980DramaDVD
10612Somewhere In TimeJannot Szwarc1980DramaDVD
9891Son of Kong 1933 Ernest B. SchErnest B. Schoedsack1933AdventureDVD
10853Son of the Pink PantherBlake Edwards1993ComedyDVD
9471Son, The 2002 Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne2002DramaDVD
9893Sonatine 1993 Takeshi KitanoTakeshi Kitano 1993ForeignDVD
9883Sonny 2002 Nicholas CageNicholas Cage2002DramaDVD
10019Sons of War2005DVD
8143Sons of War 2005Matthew John Koppin2005WarDVD
10149Sophie's ChoiceAlan J. Pakula 1982RomanceDVD
9438Sorrow and the Pity, The 1969 Marcel Ophuls 1969DocumentaryDVD
9522Sound and Fury 2000 Josh Aronson2000DocumentaryDVD
8185Sound of Music, The 1965Robert Wise1965MusicalDVD
8231Sounder 2003Kevin Hooks2003DramaDVD
10749South PacificJoshua Logan1958MusicalDVD
10479South PacificJoshua Logan1958MusicalDVD
10337SpaceballsMel Brooks1987AdventureDVD
10159Sparrows 19101910DVD
10370SpartacusStanley Kubrick1960ActionDVD
9294Spellbound 2002Blitz/Welch 2002DocumentaryDVD
9432Spencer Tracy Legacy, The 1986David Heeley 1986DocumentaryDVD
8063Spider 2002David Cronenberg2002DramaDVD
10600SpidermanSteve Ditko2002ActionDVD
10545Spiderman 2Sam Raimi2004ActionDVD
101345Spider-Man 2Sam Raimi2004ActionDVD
9464Spies 1928 Fritz Lang1928ThrillerDVD
9286Spike Jonze, The Work of DirecSpike Jones2003DocumentaryDVD
9556Spin City: Michael J. Fox His Gary David Goldberg2003ComedyDVD
9557Spin City: Michael J. Fox His Gary David Goldberg 2003ComedyDVD
8405Spirited AwayHayao Miyazaki2001AnimationDVD
9673Spirited Away 2001 Hayao Miyazaki 2001AnimationDVD
9963Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter..Ki-Duk Kim 2003DramaDVD
10543Spy GameTony Scott2002ActionDVD
9590Stage Fright 1950 Alfred Hitchcock1950CrimeDVD
10493StagecoachJohn Ford1939WesternDVD
10094StagecoachJohn Ford 1939WesternDVD
10511StalingradFedor Bondarchuk2013ActionBlu-ray
10581Stand and Deliver / Lean on MeRamon Melendez / John G. Avildsen2000DramaDVD
10524Stand By MeRob Reiner1986AdventureDVD
10533Stand By MeRob Reiner1986AdventureDVD
11900Star Wars Trilogy Blu-rayGeorge Lucas1983Science FictionBlu-ray
11900Star Wars Trilogy Blu-rayGeorge Lucas1983Science FictionDVD
9811Star Wars Trilogy Bonus MateriGeorge Lucas2004Science FictionDVD
9843Star Wars: Episode III-RevengeGeorge Lucas2005Science FictionDVD
9808Star Wars: Episode IV - A New George Lucas1977Science FictionDVD
9809Star Wars: Episode V - The EmpIrvin Kershner 1980Science FictionDVD
9810Star Wars: Episode VI - ReturnGeorge Lucas1983Science FictionDVD
10139StardustMatthew Vaughn 2007FantasyDVD 2001Jehane Noujai2001DocumentaryDVD
10494State FairWalter Lang1945MusicalDVD
10443State FairWalter Lang1945MusicalDVD
9969Station Agent, The 2003 ThomasThomas McCarthy 2003ComedyDVD
9585Stay Hungry 1976 Bob Rafelson1976DramaDVD
M0011 Steadicam EFP Training VideoTiffen1990DocumentaryDVD
10509Steel Magnolias/Sleepless in SHerbert Ross/Nora Ephron1989/1993Romantic ComedyDVD
9926Step Into Liquid 2003 Dana BroDana Brown2003DocumentaryDVD
9812Stephane Sednaoui, The Work ofStephanie Sednaoui 2005DocumentaryDVD
9871Stevie 2002 Steve JamesSteve James2002DocumentaryDVD
9550Stolen Kisses 1968Francois Truffaut1968DramaDVD
9655Stories from the War Zone ModeSteven Silver 2003CrimeDVD
9459Story of Floating Weeds, A 193Yasujiro Ozu1934DramaDVD
9885Story of the Weeping Camel, ThByambasuren Davaa2003DocumentaryDVD
8196Straight Out of Brooklyn 1991Marry Rich 1991CrimeDVD
10278Strange BrewDave Thomas & Rick Moranis2002ComedyDVD
8449Strange BrewDave Thomas, Rick Moranis2002ComedyDVD
10028Stranger than FictionMark Forster 2006DramaDVD
9157Stranger than Paradise 1984Jim Jarmusch 1984ComedyDVD
9156Strangers on a Train 1951 Alfred Hitchcock 1951CrimeDVD
9587Strangers on a Train 1951 Alfred Hitchcock1951CrimeDVD
9158Streetcar Named Desire, A 1951Elia Kazan 1951DramaDVD
9159Strictly Ballroom 1992 Baz Luh 1992ComedyDVD
10178StripesIvan Reitman1981ComedyDVD
9821Strong Medicine (screener) 200Various2002DramaDVD
9573Stunt Man, The 1980 Richard Rush1980ActionDVD
9322Sullivan's Travels 1941 Preston Sturges 1941AdventureDVD
10829Summer of '42Robert Mulligan1971Romantic ComedyDVD
10577Sunday in Manhattan2005DocumentaryDVD
10488Sunday in Manhattan2005DocumentaryDVD
10364SunriseF.W. Murnau1927RomanceDVD
10219Sunset BoulevardBilly Wilder2002DramaDVD
8183Sunset Boulevard 1950Billy Wilder1950DramaDVD
10045SunshineDanny Boyle 2007Science FictionDVD
9882Sunshine State 2002 John SayleJohn Sayles2002DramaDVD
9539Super Fly 1972 Gordon Parks Jr1972ActionDVD
10192Super Size MeMorgan Spurlock2004DocumentaryDVD
9296Super Size Me 2004 Morgan Spurlock 2004DocumentaryDVD
8499Superman ReturnsBryan Singer2006ActionDVD
10771Superman ReturnsBryan Singer2006ActionDVD
8095Supplements: 3 Films by Louis Louis Malle2006DocumentaryDVD
9594Suspicion 1941 Alfred Hitchcock1941Film NoirDVD
9160Suspiria 1977 Dario Argento 1977HorrorDVD
9576Sweet Hereafter, The 1997 Atom Egoyan 1997DramaDVD
10553Sweet Home AlabamaAndy Tennant1981Romantic ComedyDVD
10555Sweet Land: A Love StoryAli Selim2005DramaDVD
9364Sweet Smell of Sucess 1957 Alexander Mackendrick 1957DramaDVD
9501Swimming with Sharks 1994 George Huang 1994ComedyDVD
10385Swing TimeGeorge Stevens1936ComedyDVD
8004Swingers 1996 Doug Liman1996DVD
10586SyrianaStephen Gaghan2005DramaDVD
9603Take the Money and Run 1969Woody Allen 1969ComedyDVD
9878Talk to Her 2002 Pedro AlmodovPedro Almodovar2002ForeignDVD
9835Tarnation 2003 Johnathan CauetJonathan Cauette2003DocumentaryDVD
9705Taste of Cherry 1997 Abbas Kiarostami 1997DramaDVD
9161Taxi Driver 1976 Martin Scorse 1976DramaDVD
10849TCM Greatest Classic Films ColNicolas Ray / Elia Kazan / Richard Brooks / Elia Kazan1955 / 1954 / 1958 /DramaDVD
10784TCM Greatest Classic Films: CaMichael Curtiz / William Wyler / Vincente Minnelli / Vincent1942/1942/1958/1951DramaDVD
9170Tender Mercies 1982 Bruce Beresford 1982DramaDVD
10536Terminator 2James Cameron1991ActionDVD
9164Terminator II 1991James Cameron 1991ActionDVD
9162Terminator, The 1984 James Cameron1984ActionDVD
9235Testament of Orpheus 1960Jean Coceau 1960DramaDVD
8263Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The 1Tobe Hooper1974HorrorDVD
10801Thank your Lucky StarsDavid Butler1943MusicalDVD
10662The American PresidentRob Reiner1995DramaDVD
10781The ApartmentBilly Wilder1960Dramatic ComedyDVD
8446The ApartmentBilly Wilder1960ComedyDVD
8426The ApostleRobert Duvall1997DramaDVD
10381The ArtistMichael Hazanavicus2011DramaDVD
10144The Awful TruthLeo McCarey1937ComedyDVD
10096The Battleship Potemkin (BroneSergei M. Eisenstein1925WarDVD
10827The Bells of St. MarysLeo McCarey1945DramaDVD
10629The Best of 168 Film ProjectVarious2015ShortDVD
10252The Best of 168 Hour Film...John Ware2004CompilationDVD
10058The Best of EverythingJohn Negulesco 1959DramaDVD
M0004 The Best Years of Our LivesWilliam Wyler1946DramaBlu-ray
101320The Bicycle ThiefVittorio De Sica 1948CrimeDVD
8355The Big KahunaJohn Swanbeck1999ComedyDVD
8505The Biola Film Department ShowVarious2006CompilationDVD
8425The Blair Witch ProjectDaniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez1999HorrorDVD
10232the Blossoming of Maximo Oli..Auraeus Solito2007DramaDVD
10326The Bourne IdentityDoug Liman2002ActionDVD
8411The Bourne IdentityDoug Liman2002ActionDVD
10285The Boy in the Striped PajamasMark Herman2009DramaDVD
10472The Bridge on the River KwaiDavid Lean1957AdventureDVD
10422The Caine MutinyEdward Dmytryk1954WarDVD
9246The Chaplin Collection: A WomaCharlie Chaplin1926ComedyDVD
9240The Chaplin Collection: CharliCharlie Chaplin1926ComedyDVD
9242The Chaplin Collection: City LCharlie Chaplin1931ComedyDVD
9064The Chaplin Collection: LimeliCharlie Chaplin 1919ComedyDVD
9068The Chaplin Collection: ModernCharlie Chaplin 1936ComedyDVD
9245The Chaplin Collection: MonsieCharlie Chaplin1947ComedyDVD
9243The Chaplin Collection: The ChCharlie Chaplin1918-1923ComedyDVD
9241The Chaplin Collection: The CiCharlie Chaplin1926ComedyDVD
9053The Chaplin Collection: The GoCharles Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Henry Lehrman, George Nichol1925ComedyDVD
8229The Chaplin Collection: The GoCharles Chaplin1925ComedyDVD
9058The Chaplin Collection: The GrCharles Chaplin 1940ComedyDVD
9244The Chaplin Collection: The KiCharlie Chaplin1921ComedyDVD
10726The Christmas BlessingKaren Arthur2005DramaDVD
10762The Christmas ShoesAndy Wolk2002DramaDVD
8042The ClimbJohn Schmidt2002FamilyDVD
8360The Color of ParadiseMajid Majidi1999DramaDVD
8043The CommitmentsAlan Parker1991ComedyDVD
10434The ConversationFrancis Ford Coppola1974DramaDVD
8030The CorporationMark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott2003DocumentaryDVD
10756The Dark KnightChristopher Nolan2008ActionDVD
10361The Dark KnightChristopher Nolan2008ActionDVD
10394The Day After TomorrowRoland Emmerich2004ActionDVD
10082The Day the Earth Stood StillScott Derrickson 2008ActionDVD
10657The Defiant OnesStanley Kramer1958CrimeDVD
10387The DepartedMartin Scorsese2006CrimeDVD
10785The DesperateBen-Hur Sepehr2009ShortDVD
10175The Dick Van Dyke ShowCarl Reiner1961ComedyDVD
8046The DriverWalter Hill1978ActionDVD
M0009 The DropboxBrian Ivie2015DocumentaryDVD
10734The Eiger SanctionClint Eastwood1975ActionDVD
10501The Emperor’s ClubMichael Hoffman2003DramaDVD
9221The Emperor’s ClubMichael Hoffman 2003DramaDVD
9260The End of Violence 1997Wim Wenders 1997DramaDVD
8471The Exorcism of Emily RoseScott Derrickson2005HorrorDVD
10081The Exorcism of Emily RoseScott Derrickson 2005HorrorDVD
10134The ExorcistWilliam Friedkin1973HorrorDVD
10514The ExpressGary Fleder2008BiographyDVD
10782The Fall of NightDerrick Warfel2007DramaDVD
10265The Films of Krzysztof KIES...Krzystof Kieslowski1988ForeignDVD
10505The Final InquiryGiulio Base2007DramaDVD
10054The FountainDarren Aronofsky 2006RomanceDVD
8371The FountainDarren Aonofsky2006Science FictionDVD
10802The Fourth Wise ManMichael Ray Rhodes1985AdventureDVD
10449The Fox and the Hound Ted Berman, Richard Rich, Art Stevens1981AnimationDVD
10446The Fox and the Hound 2Jim Kammerud2006AnimationDVD
10469The Fox and the Hound 2Jim Kammerud2006AnimationDVD
10321The Ghost WriterRoman Polanski2010MysteryDVD
8402The Glass HouseDaniel Sackheim2001HorrorDVD
8464The Godfather: Part IIFrancis Ford Coppola1974CrimeDVD
8333The Godfather: The Coppola ResFrancis Ford Coppola 1972CrimeDVD
10383The Gold RushCharlie Chaplain1925DramaDVD
8495The GooniesRichard Donner1985AdventureDVD
10025The Goonies 19851985DVD
8432The GospelRob Hardy2005DramaDVD
10355The Grapes of WrathJohn Ford1940DramaDVD
10395The Great DebatersDenzel Washington2007DramaDVD
10405The Great EscapeJohn Sturges1963ActionDVD
10409The Great RaceBlake Edwards1965AdventureDVD
10428The Greatest Story Ever ToldGeorge Stevens1965DramaDVD
10590The Greatest Story Ever ToldGeorge Stevens, David Lean , Jean Negulesco1965HistoryBlu-ray
8399The GrudgeTakashi Shimizu2004HorrorDVD
10429The Guns of NavaroneJ. Lee Thomson1961ActionDVD
9078The Haunting 1963Robert Wise 1963HorrorDVD
10814The HelpTate Taylor2011DramaDVD
10262The Hero's 2 JourneysMichael Hauge & Christopher Vogler2003DocumentaryDVD
10339The Hidden FortressArika Kurosawa1958ActionDVD
10320The Hiding PlaceJames F. Collier1975DramaDVD
10658The Hiding PlaceJames F. Collier1975DramaDVD
10093The Hollywood Sound 19951995AdventureDVD
10359The Hurt LockerKathryn Bigelow2008ActionDVD
10352The Idiot (Hakuchi)Akira Kurosawa1951ForeignDVD
10303The Idiot 1951Akira Kurosawa1951ForeignDVD
10061The IllusionistNeil Burger 2006DramaDVD
10681The Inn of the Sixth HappinessMark Robson1958DramaDVD
9764The Inn of the Sixth HappinessMark Robson 1958DramaDVD
8417The InsiderMichael Mann2000ThrillerDVD
10377The IntouchablesEric Toledano and Oliver Nakache2011DramaDVD
8227The Island 20072007DVD
10249The Jimmy ShowFrank Whaley2003DramaDVD
8376The KidJon Turteltaub2000FamilyDVD
8025The Kingdom (Riget): Series OnLars Von Trier and Morten Arnfred1994DramaDVD
10373The King's SpeechTom Hooper2010DramaDVD
10154The Lady VanishesAlfred Hitchcock 1938MysteryDVD
10572The Lake HouseAlejandro Agresti2006RomanceDVD
10460The Last of the MohicansMichael Mann1992ActionDVD
10463The Last of the MohicansMichael Mann1992ActionDVD
10743The Last of the Mohicans (1936 George B. Seitz1936AdventureDVD
10619The Last Picture ShowPeter Bogdanovich1971DramaDVD
10393The Last SamuraiEdward Zwick2003ActionDVD
10793The Least Among YouMark Young2009DramaDVD
10664The Life & Death of Peter SellStephen Hopkins2004BiographyDVD
10747The Lion The Witch and the Wa Alex Kirby1988TelevisionDVD
10704The Little Mermaid II: ReturnJim Kammerud, Brian Smith2000AnimationDVD
10705The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s BePeggy Holmes2008AnimationDVD
10640The Lives of OthersFlorian Hankel Von Donnersmarck2006DramaDVD
8475The Lives of OthersFlorian Henckel von Donnersmarck2006DramaDVD
10566The Lost CityAndy Garcia2005DramaDVD
10263The MajesticFrank Darabont2001DramaDVD
10131The Maltese FalconJohn Huston 1941Film NoirDVD
10833The Man from LaramieAnthony Man1955WesternDVD
10519The Man in the Iron MaskRandall Wallace1998ActionDVD
8314The Man Who Knew Too MuchAlfred Hitchcock1934CrimeDVD
10824The Man Who Shot Liberty ValanJohn Ford 1962WesternDVD
10668The Mantis ParableJosh Staub2005AnimationDVD
10167The Mighty DucksStephen Herek1992ComedyDVD
10602The MisfitsJohn Huston1961WarDVD
10564The Moment After 2Wes Llewellyn2006ThrillerDVD
8361The Muppets Take ManhattanFrank Oz1984FamilyDVD
10767The Music ManJeff Bleckner2003ComedyDVD
10029The Mystery ManRay McCarey 1935ActionDVD
10055The NamesakeMira Nair 2006DramaDVD
10527The NaturalRobert Redford1984SportDVD
8484The Nightmare Before ChristmasHenry Selick1993AnimationDVD
10261The Noah's Ark PrincipleRoland Emmerich1983Science FictionDVD
8491The NotebookNick Cassavetes2004RomanceDVD
9114The Omen 1976Richard Donner1976HorrorDVD
8368The OrphanageJuan Antonio Bayona2007ThrillerDVD
8435The PacifierAdam Shankman2005ComedyDVD
10521The Painted VeilJohn Curran2006RomanceDVD
10427The PartyBlake Edwards1968ComedyDVD
10438The PartyBlake Edwards1968ComedyDVD
8436The Party's OverRebecca Chaiklin, Donovan Leitch2003DocumentaryDVD
10290The Passion of the ChristMel Gibson2004DramaDVD
10277The Passion Of The ChristMel Gibson2004HistoryDVD
10441The PatriotRoland Emmerich2000ActionDVD
10672The PatriotRoland Emmerich2000ActionDVD
8428The Pelican BriefAlan J. Pakula2009ThrillerDVD
10072The Perils of PaulineLouis J. Gasnier1914ActionDVD
10073The Perils of PaulineRay Taylor 1933AdventureDVD
10150The Philadelphia StoryGeorge Cukor 1940ComedyDVD
8384The Philidelphia StoryGeorge Cukor1940ComedyDVD
10416The Pink Panther Film CollectiBlake Edwards1964/1976/1978/1982ComedyDVD
10685The Pink Panther Film CollectiBlake Edwards1964/1976/1978/1982ComedyDVD
9994The Polar ExpressRobert Zemeckis 2004AnimationDVD
10070The Poseidon AdventureRonald Neame 1972AdventureDVD
10006The Power of Lighting for Film2005DVD
10009The Power of Lighting for Film2005DVD
10783The Princess DiariesGarry Marshall2001ComedyDVD
10728The Princess DiariesGary Marshall2001ComedyDVD
10132The Pursuit of HappynessGabriele Muccino2006DramaDVD
10817The Quiet ManJohn Ford1952DramaDVD
9421The Rapture 1991Michael Tolkin 1991DramaDVD
8451The RefTed Demme1994DVD
10695The Right StuffPhilip Kauffman1983AdventureDVD
10268The Ring TwoHideo Nakata2005HorrorDVD
10709The RobeHenry Koster1953DramaDVD
10587The RobeHenry Koster1953DramaDVD
10609The Sand PebblesRobert Wise1966WarBlu-ray
10506The Sand PebblesRobert Wise1966WarDVD
8409The Sea InsideAlejandro Amenabar2004DramaDVD
8480The Seventh SealIngmar Bergman1957DramaDVD
10378The Shawshank RedemptionFrank Darabont1994DramaDVD
10794The Shawshank RedemptionFrank Darabont1994WarDVD
10140The Sheik: The Son of the Shei1926DVD
10760The Silver ChairAlex Kirby1990TelevisionDVD
10207The Skeleton KeyIain Softley2005HorrorDVD
10152The Social NetworkDavid Fincher 2010DramaDVD
10848The Song of BernadetteHenry King1943BiographyDVD
10614The Sound of MusicRobert Wise1965MusicalDVD
10186The Station AgentTom McCarthy2003ComedyDVD
10780The StingGeorge Roy HIll1973ComedyDVD
10766The Story of Jesus for ChildreJohn Schmidt2000DramaDVD
8358The Straight StoryDavid Lynch2000DramaDVD
8362The SuperRod Daniel1991ComedyDVD
8356The Super / With HonorsAlek Keshishian / Rod Daniel2006ComedyDVD
10453The Tamarind SeedBlake Edwards1974DramaDVD
10468The Tamarind SeedBlake Edwards1974DramaDVD
8080The Ten CommandmentsCecil B. DeMille1956AdventureDVD
10650The Ten CommandmentsCecil B. DeMille1956AdventureDVD
8397The Texas Chainsaw MassacreMarcus Nispel1974HorrorDVD
9860The Thin Blue LineErrol Morris1988DocumentaryDVD
10137The Third Man (TV): Black Spin2006DVD
10138The Third Man (TV): Red Spine 2006DVD
9167The Third Man 1949Carol Reed 1949Film NoirDVD
10074The Towering InfernoJohn Guillermin1974ActionDVD
10136The Treasure of the Sierra MadJohn Huston 1947ActionDVD
10844The Trouble with AngelsIda Lupino1966ComedyDVD
8378The TV SetJake Kasdan2006ComedyDVD
10100The Twilight Zone Collection 11960-1964DVD
10101The Twilight Zone Collection 11960-1964DVD
10102The Twilight Zone Collection 11960-1964DVD
10103The Twilight Zone Collection 11960-1964DVD
10104The Twilight Zone Collection 11960-1964DVD
10105The Twilight Zone Collection 11960-1964DVD
10106The Twilight Zone Collection 11960-1964DVD
10107The Twilight Zone Collection 11960-1964DVD
10108The Twilight Zone Collection 11960-1964DVD
10109The Twilight Zone Collection 21960-1964DVD
10110The Twilight Zone Collection 21960-1964DVD
10111The Twilight Zone Collection 21960-1964DVD
10112The Twilight Zone Collection 21960-1964DVD
10113The Twilight Zone Collection 21960-1964DVD
10114The Twilight Zone Collection 21960-1964DVD
10115The Twilight Zone Collection 21960-1964DVD
10116The Twilight Zone Collection 21960-1964DVD
10117The Twilight Zone Collection 21960-1964DVD
10118The Twilight Zone Collection 31960-1964DVD
10119The Twilight Zone Collection 31960-1964DVD
10120The Twilight Zone Collection 31960-1964DVD
10121The Twilight Zone Collection 31960-1964DVD
10122The Twilight Zone Collection 31960-1964DVD
10123The Twilight Zone Collection 31960-1964DVD
10124The Twilight Zone Collection 31960-1964DVD
10125The Twilight Zone Collection 31960-1964DVD
10126The Twilight Zone Collection 31960-1964DVD
10005The Ultimate GiftMichael O. Sajbel2006DramaDVD
10456The Ultimate GiftMichael O. Sajbel2006DramaDVD
8408The Ultimte Scream CollectionWes Craven1996HorrorDVD
9833The UP SeriesMichael Apted2004DocumentaryDVD
8479The VisitationRobby Henson2006HorrorDVD
10062The VisitorThomas McCarthy 2008CrimeDVD
10831The Wackiest Ship in the ArmyRichard Murphy1960ComedyDVD
10708The War of the RosesDanny DeVito1989ComedyDVD
10017The War RoomJohn Scheinfeld2004DocumentaryDVD
10476The War that Made AmericaEric Stange, Ben Loeterman2006DocumentaryDVD
10013The Way I Spent the End of theCatalin Mitulescu 2007DocumentaryDVD
10604The Way We WereSydney Pollack1973RomanceDVD
10212The Witches of EastwickGeorge Miller1987ComedyDVD
10746The WitnessPeter Weir1985CrimeDVD
8321The Wizard of OzGeorge Cukor1939FantasyDVD
10135The Wizard of OZ Two Disc 70th1939DVD
10412The World is Not EnoughMichael Apted1999ActionDVD
9166There's Something More About MBobby & Peter Farrelly 1998ComedyDVD
9073Therese 1986 Alain Cavalier1986DramaDVD
9377They Shoot horses, Don't They?Sydney Pollack1969DramaDVD
9474Thief 1981 Michael Mann1981ActionDVD
9634Thief of Baghdad, The 1924 Raoul Walsh 1924AdventureDVD
8100Thin Red Line, The 1998Terrence Malick1998DramaDVD
9797Thing, The 1982 John Carpenter1982HorrorDVD
8468Things ChangeDavid Mamet1988DramaDVD
9308Third Miracle, The 1999 Agnieszka Holland 1999DramaDVD
8192Thirteen 2003Catherine Hardwicke 2003DramaDVD
9154This is Spinal Tap 1984 Rob Reiner 1984ComedyDVD
10808This is the ArmyMichael Curtiz1943MusicalDVD
8036This Reporter: Edward R. MurroSusan Steinberg1990DocumentaryDVD
9965Thomas Crown Affair, The 1968 Norman Jewison1968ThrillerDVD
10646Thoroughly Modern MillieGeorge Roy Hill1967MusicalDVD
102339Three AmigosJohn Landis1986ComedyDVD
9168Three Kings 1999 David O. Russell1999ActionDVD
8310Three Stooges Festival, The2001ComedyDVD
10384Throne of BloodAkira Kurosawa1957DramaDVD
9171Throne of Blood 1957Akira Kurosawa1957DramaDVD
8108Through the Fire 2005Alistair Christopher, Jonathan Hock2005DocumentaryDVD
9419Time After Time 1979 Nicholas Meyer 1979AdventureDVD
9503Time and Tide 2001 Hark Tsui 2001ActionDVD
9525Time Bandits 1981 Terry Gilliam1981AdventureDVD
9710Time of the WolfMichael Haneke 2004DramaDVD
10307Time of the WolfMichael Haneke 2004DramaDVD
9373Times of Harvey Milk. The 1984Rob Epstein 1984DocumentaryDVD
8494TitanicJames Cameron1997RomanceDVD
100419TitanicJames Cameron1997DramaDVD
10362To Kill a MockingbirdRobert Mulligan1962DramaDVD
10656To Kill a MockingbirdRobert Mulligan1962DramaDVD
8195To Live 1994Yimou Zhang1994DramaDVD
10087Tokyo ChorusYasujiro Ozu 1931ComedyDVD
8055Tokyo Olympiad 1965Kon Ichikawa1965DocumentaryDVD
9173Tokyo Story 1953 Yasujiro Ozu1953DramaDVD
9949Tom Horn 1980 William WiardWilliam Wiard1980WesternDVD
8126Tony Takitani 20042004DVD
8387TootsieSydney Pollack1982ComedyDVD
9941Tootsie 1982 Sydney PollackSydney Pollack1982ComedyDVD
9894Top Gun 1986 Tony ScottTony Scott 1986ActionDVD
10660Tora! Tora! Tora!Richard Fleicher1970ActionDVD
10531Tora! Tora! Tora!Richard Fleischer, Kinji Fukasaku, Toshio Masuda1970WarDVD
9538Tortilla Soup 2001 Maria Ripoll2001ComedyDVD
9174Touch of Evil 1958 Orson Welle 1958CrimeDVD
10379Toy Story 2John Lasseter2010AnimationDVD
10338Toy Story: Special EditionJohn Lasseter1995AnimationDVD
M0008 Traces of the TradeKatrina Browne2008DocumentaryDVD
9169Traffic 2000 Steven Soderbergh 2000CrimeDVD
9376Training Day 2001 Antoine Fugua 2001CrimeDVD
9175Trainspotting 1996 Danny BoyleDanny Boyle 1996CrimeDVD
10778TransformersMichael Bay2007ActionDVD
9986Transporter, The 2002 Cory YueLouis Leterrier 2002ActionDVD
9750Treasures from American Film AVarious VariousDVD
9751Treasures from American Film AVarious VariousDVD
9752Treasures From American Film AVariousVariousDVD
9753Treasures from American Film AVarious VariousDVD
9467Tree of Wooden Clogs, The 2004Ermanno Olmi 2004DramaDVD
8127Trembling Before G-d 2001Sandi Simcha Dubowski2001DocumentaryDVD
8341Triumph of the Will 1934Leni Riefenstahl 1934DocumentaryDVD
8110Troublesome Creek: A MidwesterSteven Ascher, Jeanne Jordan1995DocumentaryDVD
10643TroyWolfgang Peterson2004AdventureDVD
9802Truman Show, The 1998 Peter WePeter Weir1998DramaDVD
10550Trunk: A Love StoryChris Hartwell2008ActionDVD
9760Truth About Cats & Dogs, The 1Michael Lehmann1996ComedyDVD
9668Truth Merchants, Public relatiKevin McMahon 2004DocumentaryDVD
9656Truth or Fiction? Photography 2004DocumentaryDVD
8107Twist of Faith 2004Kirby Dick2004DocumentaryDVD
10798U-571Jonathan Mostow2000ActionDVD
8472Ulee's GoldVictor Nunez1997DramaDVD
9217Umberto D. 1952 Vittorio De Sica1952DramaDVD
9372Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The 19Jacques Demy1990DramaDVD
9195Un Chien Andalou 1929Luis Bunuel 1929FantasyDVD
10155Un Chien Andalou 19291929DVD
8244Unbelievable Truth, The 2001Daniel Nettheim 2001DramaDVD
9176Unbreakable 2000 M. Night Shyamalan 2000DramaDVD
9769Undertow 2004 David Gordon Green 2004DramaDVD
10091Unforgivable Blackness: The Ri2004DVD
9177Unforgiven 1992 Clint Eastwood 1992DramaDVD
8245United 93 2006Paul Greengrass2006CrimeDVD
9179Untouchables, The 1987Brian De Palma1987CrimeDVD
10770UpPete Docter2009AnimationDVD
9178Usual Suspects 1995 Bryan Singer 1995CrimeDVD
10822ValienatGary Chapman2005AnimationDVD
9621Vanilla Sky 2001 Cameron Crowe2001MysteryDVD
9771Vanishing Point 1971 Richard C. Sarafian 1971ActionDVD
9929Vanishing, The 1988 George SluGeorge Sluizer1988ThrillerDVD
10213Vantage; eight short films...2009DramaDVD
9180Verdict, The 1982 Sidney Lumet 1982DramaDVD
9861Vernon, Florida 1981 Errol MorErrol Morris1981DocumentaryDVD
9498Vertical Ray of the Sun, The 2Anh Dung Tran 2000DramaDVD
9271VertigoAlfred Hitchcock 1958MysteryDVD
10358VertigoAlfred Hitchcock1958MysteryDVD
8250Vertigo 1958Alfred Hitchcock 1958MysteryDVD
8059Videodrome 1983David Cronenberg1983Science FictionDVD
9424Village, The 2004M. Night Shyamalan 2004DramaDVD
8385Virgil BlissJoe Maggio2001DramaDVD
8147Visions of Light 1992Arnold Glassman, Todd McCarthy, Stuart Samuels1992DocumentaryDVD
8443Viva LaldjerieNadia Mokneche2004DramaDVD
8020Waco: The Rules of Engagement William Gazecki1997DVD
10039Wag the DogBarry Levinson1997ComedyDVD
9187Wages of Fear 1954Henri-Georges Clouzot 1954DramaDVD
9442Waiting for Guffman 1996 Christopher Guest1996ComedyDVD
8315Walk the LineJames Mangold2005MusicDVD
9709Walkabout 1998 Nicolas Roeg1998AdventureDVD
8463Walking Across EgyptArthur Allan Seidelman1999DramaDVD
10663WALL•EAndrew Stanton2008AnimationDVD
10425WALL•EAndrew Stanton2008AnimationDVD
8097Wallace & Gromit in Three AmazNick Park2005FamilyDVD
10211Wallace & Gromit; The Curse...Nick Park & Steve Box2005AnimationDVD
8034Wal-Mart: The High Cost of LowRobert Greenwald2005DocumentaryDVD
101316War DanceSean Fine, Andrea Nix2007DocumentaryDVD
9918War of the Worlds 2005 Steven Steven Spielberg 2005Science FictionDVD
8121War Room, The 1993Chris Hegedus, D.A. Pennebaker1993DocumentaryDVD
8077Warriors, The 1979Walter Hill1979ActionDVD
10003WaterVeronica Chen2006DramaDVD
10585WatiressAdrienne Shelly2007RomanceDVD
9987We Were Soldiers 2002 Randall Randall Wallace 2002WarDVD
8124Weather Underground, The 2002Sam Green, Bill Siegel2002DocumentaryDVD
8507WednesdayJel Nassan2006DramaDVD
8199Wednesday 2006Joel Nassan2006DVD
8363Weekend at Bernie'sTed Kotcheff1989ComedyDVD
9911Welcome to Sarajevo 1997 MichaMichael Winterbottom 1997DramaDVD
9548West Side Story 1961 Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins 1961CrimeDVD
10165Whale RiderNiki Caro2003DramaDVD
9205Whale Rider 2003 Niki Caro2003DramaDVD
10707What About Bob?Frank Oz1991ComedyDVD
10618What Dreams May ComeVincent Ward1998FantasyDVD
9761What the Bleep Do We (K)now!? Mark Vincent, Betsy Chasse, William Arntz2004DocumentaryDVD
10057What Would Jesus Buy?Rob VanAlkemade 2007ComedyDVD
10097Whatever It Takes 20092009DVD
8072What's Eating Gilbert Grape 19Lasse Hallstrom1993DramaDVD
9909What's Love Got to Do with It Brian Gibson1993DramaDVD
8115Wheel of Time 2003Werner Herzog2003DocumentaryDVD
10547When Harry Met SallyRob Reiner1989Romantic ComedyDVD
10508When Harry Met SallyRob Reiner1989Romantic ComedyDVD
10414When the Forest Ran RedRobert Matzen2001DocumentaryDVD
9657When the Media Cheats 20042004DVD
9426When We Were Kings 1996Leon Gast1996DocumentaryDVD
102336Where the Red Fern GrowsLyam Dayton & Sam Pillsbury2004DramaDVD
8223Where the Red Fern Grows 1974Norman Tokar1974DramaDVD
8224Where the Red Fern Grows 2004Lyman Dayton, Sam Pillsbury 2004DramaDVD
8493Where the Wild Things AreSpike Jonze2009AdventureDVD
10365WhiplashDamien Chazelle2014DramaDVD
9226White Oleander 2002Peter Kosminsky 2002DramaDVD
101308Who Needs SleepHaskell Wexler2006DocumentaryDVD
8157Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?Mike Nichols1966DramaDVD
8171Who's That Knocking at My DoorMartin Scorsese1967DramaDVD
9803Why Has Bodhi Dharma Left for Yong-Kyun Bae 1989ForeignDVD
8015Why We Fight: Battle of RussiaDVD
8016Why We Fight: China/America 11944 / 1945DVD
8014Why We Fight: Divide and Conqu1943DVD
8013Why We Fight: Prelude to War DVD
8160Wicker Man, The 1973Robin Hardy1973HorrorDVD
10221Wilby WonderfulDaniel Macivor2005ComedyDVD
8155Wild Angels, The 1966Roger Corman1966DramaDVD
9181Wild Bunch, The 1969 Sam Peckinpah 1969ActionDVD
10528Wild EyesLaurence Sunderland2011DocumentaryDVD
9182Wild Strawberries 1957 Ingmar Bergman 1957DramaDVD
9183Willy Wonka & the Chocolate FaMel Stuart 1971FamilyDVD
9274Winchester '73 1950 Anthony Mann1950WesternDVD
9454Wind Will Carry Us, The 1999 Abbas Kiarostami 1999DramaDVD
9238Winged Migration 2001 JJacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud, Michel Debats2001DocumentaryDVD
8427Wings of DesireWim Wenders1987ForeignDVD
9257Wings of Desire 1987 Wim Wenders1987FantasyDVD
8074Withnail & I 1987Bruce Robinson1987ComedyDVD
9184Witness 1985 Peter WeirPeter Weir 1985DramaDVD
9354Witness for the Prosecution 19Billy Wilder 1957CrimeDVD
8453WitnessesVinko Bresan2003DramaDVD
9431Woman of the Year 1942 George Stevens 1942ComedyDVD
8481Woman Thou Art LoosedMichael Schultz2004DramaDVD
9708Woman thou Art Loosed 2004 Michael Schultz 2004DramaDVD
9739Woman Under The Influence, A 1John Cassavetes 1974DramaDVD
9380Wonder BoysCurtis Hanson2000ComedyDVD
9409Wonderful, Horrible Life of LeRay Muller 1993DocumentaryDVD
9865Woodstock 1970 Michael WadleigMichael Wadleig1970DocumentaryDVD
9670Word of Honor 2003 Robert Markowitz2003DramaDVD
9495World of Apu, The 1959 Satyajit Ray 1959DramaDVD
10315Wreck It RaphRich Moore2012AnimationDVD
10751WrestleMania XXIVKevin Dunn2008SportDVD
9339Written on the Wind 1956 Douglas Sirk 1956DramaDVD
9591Wrong Man, The 1956 Alfred Hitchcock1956CrimeDVD
8359Wuthering HeightsCoky Giedroyc2009DramaDVD
9770X2: X-Men United 2003 Bryan Singer 2003ActionDVD
10750X-Men Origins: WolverineGavin Hood2009ActionDVD
10464X-Men Origins: WolverineGavin Hood2009ActionDVD
9874xXx 2002 Rob CohenRob Cohen2002ActionDVD
10064xXx: State of the UnionLee Tamahori2005ActionDVD
10415Yankee Doodle DandyMichael Curtiz1942MusicalDVD
9545Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942Michael Curtiz 1942DramaDVD
9163Year of Living Dangerously 198Peter Weir1982DramaDVD
9943Yi yi 2000 Edward YangEdward Yang 2000ForeignDVD
10346YojimboAkira Kurosawa1961ForeignDVD
9144Yojimbo 1961 Akira Kurosawa 1961ActionDVD
9653You Can't Say That! "PoliticalBill Moyers2004DocumentaryDVD
8419Young FrankensteinMel Brooks1974ComedyDVD
9830Young Frankenstein 1974 Mel BrMel Brooks1974ComedyDVD
8133Young Mr. Lincoln 1939John Ford1939DramaDVD
10452Yours, Mine & OursRobert F. Blumofe2005ComedyDVD
10607Yours, Mine and OursMelville Shavelson1968ComedyDVD
10051ZoolanderBen Stiller 2001ComedyDVD